Underwear company uses breast-less models

Underwear campaign uses women who've undergone a masectomy.

Underwear campaign uses women who've undergone a masectomy.

Underwear company Play Out are using their gender-inclusive ethos to promote breast cancer awareness in a different way this year.

Images of breast cancer survivors who have undergone double mastectomies, but have refused to get breast reconstruction, are being used in the company's newest photo series, The Huffington Post reported.

In partnership with a cancer survivors support group called FlatToppers Pride, the photos aim to empower the underrepresented, flat-chested women.

One of the models, Melanie Testa, said society did not reflect the image of scarred women affected by breast cancer, and it has a big impact on those who are newly diagnosed.

 "Not all women choose reconstruction or feel that it will make them whole again," she told The Huffington Post.

"I choose to embrace my body as is and blithely proceed with grace and dignity.

"My hope is that other women will see these images in their time of need and that they will feel empowered and informed about flat reconstruction as one option among many."

The disease shouldn't be an assault on woman's gender identity, sexuality, femininity, body acceptance or self-confidence, said Testa.

"Most people do not realise that over half of post-mastectomy women do not have reconstruction."

Another model, Jodi Jaecks, said the images provoked a conversation outside basic breast awareness.

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"Breast cancer is a fact of the human experience." she said. "It is vitally important to place survivorship in the context of empowerment.

"I think that my natural androgyny and sexual preference have given me the advantage of self-acceptance far outside of cultural gender identification or definitive norms. This self-assurance informed not only my choice to have the double mastectomy, but the certainty that my choice would serve my self-confidence and strength moving forward in my life."

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