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22:34, Feb 14 2013
Mike and Julie had a bicycle themed wedding.
Julie Etheridge and her husband, Mike, had a bicycle themed wedding.
Mike and Julie
Mike and Julie's wedding party and the vintage cars they arrived at the wedding in.
Mike and Julie
Mike and Julie's wedding at Sileni Estate in Hawkes Bay.
Mike and Julie
The wedding party at Sileni Estate in Hawkes Bay.
Mike and Julie were married at Sileni Estate.
Mike and Julie were married at Sileni Estate.
Mike and Julie
Julie throws her bouquet to the bridesmaids.
Mike and Julie
Mike and Julie's bicycle themed cake.
Mike and Julie
Mike and Julie with one of the vintage cars they used as part of their wedding.

Hamilton couple Mike and Julie decided to have a bicycle themed wedding about five minutes after getting engaged.

How did you meet? We actually met at a bar through a mutual friend, we were catching up to have drinks and they had brought some new people along and Mike and I just spent the whole night talking. And that was it.

Tell us about the proposal: The proposal was a complete surprise. We were on holiday in India. We were lounging around the hotel swimming pool and Mike was giving me the hurry up to get out of the pool so we could go down the beach and watch the sunset over the Arabian sea. It was a lovely sunset  - the sky was pink and the sun was setting, and we were walking along the beach, then all of sudden Mike told me to: "stop here and close your eyes, I have present for you." So I closed my eyes and thought "oh my god, it's a ring." Finally, I was allowed to open my eyes and he was there with a ring asking me to marry him. I said yes, of course, and burst into tears. He had bought the proposal ring a couple of days earlier when I had been distracted by clothes and then we bought the diamond ring together.

Location of wedding: Sileni Estate in Hawkes Bay. It was a beautiful venue, we were surrounded by blossoming grape vines. The weather played its part as well - it was an awesome Hawkes Bay day.

Describe your wedding day: The day was spent with my bridesmaids, mum and sister all getting ready and hair and makeup done. Our makeup was done by Vania Bailey and our hair by Raymond Gempton. Both did a fabulous job of making us all look gorgeous. This of course took up most of the day. I was really relaxed but excited all day. We had vintage cars to take us to the ceremony so the girls had photos with the cars before we left. The ceremony itself was beautiful, bit of a whirlwind, it all felt a bit surreal.

Then, as it was a bicycle themed, Mike had restored a womans BSA vintage bicycle and bought a vintage gentleman's bike. It was nice to have the bikes as part of the ceremony and see them in all their glory.


The dress: The dress came from one of those online dressmakers, where you send them your measurements and then the dress turns up in the post. I had to take it to a local dressmaker for some finishing adjustments but then it was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted - a sexy slinky dress.

The best part of the dress was the shoes. I had red sparkly shoes with the most insane high heels. They looked super in the photos.

The flowers: Flowers were ready-made posies from Spotlight.

Highlight of the wedding: The best parts of the day were seeing my husband as I walked down the aisle and when my parents and bridesmaids saw the vintage cars. We had kept those secret so no one knew what kind of cars they were going to go in. It was pretty special and everyone was so excited when they saw the wedding cars. Then seeing all our friends and family together and knowing they were all there for us. Everyone also raved about the food as well. Sileni did a fabulous job of the catering.

Was there any drama? The drama all happened prior to the wedding with a few guests doing a last-minute bail out. So the entire seating plan had to be rearranged. The day itself was perfect. The only near-drama was when Mike and his best man came back to the hotel to drop off a car, and nearly saw the bride as we were outside looking at the vintage cars. I had to run back into the hotel room quick smart.

The honeymoon: For the Honeymoon we went back to India. We had three weeks in Kerala, South India, where we lazed around various hotel pools, went to the beach, rode elephants, went bamboo rafting, went shopping and ate lots of Indian food.

Your photographer and favourite photo? Our photographer was Frank Sin from TopStudio, Auckland. Frank was great he really captured our theme and spirit of the day. Frank choreographed us beautifully. There are so many favourites. I love the photo of my throwing the bouquet to the bridesmaid, the one of all us with the cars and the of Mike and I at the table with the bike. I love them all really.