Sex mis-education: A teenage boy's experience

For one 17-year-old school student, his parents have been more valuable teaching him about sex and relationships than ...
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For one 17-year-old school student, his parents have been more valuable teaching him about sex and relationships than the school curriculum.

As part of a series on young people's attitude to sex and relationships, a Year 12 student at a boys' school told reporter Katie Kenny how he and his mates treat women.

What was sex education like for you?

Not much comes to mind. All I remember is for about one week, maximum, we focused on it. At my school this was at Year 10, which is when most people are 14 or 15.


Was that good enough?

Thinking back, I can clearly see how terrible the timing was. At 14, nobody was sexually active and there were hardly any real relationships. I've asked my mates and they hardly remember anything that was talked about.

The messages that were important for us weren't reinforced as we got older, started relationships of some sort and became sexually active.

How should we deal with sex education?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

Schools should be having sex education into at least Year 11 since 16 is the legal age of consent.

Are there problems with consent?

People know about consent because it's general knowledge.

But some people don't understand healthy relationships and how to maintain one. This can become common sense but should really be nailed in early at school.

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What about porn?

Porn isn't much of an issue. Boys don't share porn at school, that would be f..... up. They don't talk about porn when talking about girls.

But there's a general rudeness that most people have when talking about girls: "They're clingy, or they're a b....."

What causes this disrespect?

Just the personality of some people, I think. Their upbringing and influence from bad people.

The biggest a...holes to girls seem to be the richest so they've been brought up spoilt, or something like that. And the dickheads follow each other like sheep.

If they get brutally friend-zoned or dumped, they will talk behind the girl's back to her mates about how clingy she is.

Hold on, what's "friend-zoned"?

It's "let's just be friends".

Thanks. Anything else?

Sometimes guys will spread how a girl is a massive slut because she's been with others. That may be true but it's just terrible etiquette anyway.

I'm lucky because my parents aren't awkward about talking about sex and relationships. That's had the most positive influence on my attitudes towards these things.

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