My Sunday routine: Actress Claire Chitham

Claire Chitham

Claire Chitham

The actress is reprising her Shortland Street role for the show's 25th anniversary in a special feature-length episode, May 25.

MY TYPICAL SUNDAY It usually involves brunch out somewhere yummy – Little Bird and Kokako are my current faves for their organic and raw food – and then trying to go on an adventure somewhere whilst catching up with friends and family that I can't see at other times.

If there's a hangover to be nursed then a bloody mary or mimosa is required so I go to Seabreeze in Westmere. Because I never work regular hours I don't have to do your usual 'catch up on life' stuff like washing or food shopping, but I do try and get to the markets in Grey Lynn for their local, spray-free produce.

Nick (Karl Burnett) and Waverley (Claire Chitham) are back on Shortland Street for a special episode on May 25.

Nick (Karl Burnett) and Waverley (Claire Chitham) are back on Shortland Street for a special episode on May 25.

I routinely spend Sundays hanging out on Skype with overseas friends because that's the best time to coordinate us all. 

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MY IDEAL SUNDAY  would be spent roaming international markets, starting with the foodie ones. The Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne are a stand-out fave - I love the Greek ladies yelling at me to try their cheese and spanokopita… OK!

Chitham on the popular show in 2001.
Grahame Cox

Chitham on the popular show in 2001.

The Brooklyn Flea Markets in NYC are a remarkable treasure trove, not to mention the people watching, and the Fairfax markets in LA are a great retro go-to. Yet to tick off markets in Morocco, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, France, etc. Sigh. I'm working on Mexico next. 

ON SUNDAYS I WISH I HAD MORE TIME FOR… Self care. Massages, facials and holistic body treatments. At the moment I manage to squeeze them in around my work but only just. And the reality is that taking time out to look after your health should be more of a priority. We might make going to the gym a daily event but we don't make the same time for our mental and emotional health and they are just as, if not more, vital. That's why I started my Good For You TV site, because I wanted to share stories about ways to look after our health and happiness on every level. Little things and big. Balance is easy to talk about but hard to achieve. It's still a challenge to fit it all in, which is why I made it a part of my work life, so now I get to call it 'research'. 

BEST TIP FOR DEALING WITH THE SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES Sunday Session drinking! Sundays are the best time for a long, languid drinking session in my mind and for some reason it's not quite as popular in Auckland as it is overseas. Because it's Sunday it's less about getting hammered. It's more about the slow burn - relaxing and enjoying the day and the people, wherever you are. I think our drinking culture could benefit from that idea. Slow. It. Down.

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Us Kiwis seem to like being sensible or quiet on a Sunday and I resist that idea. Enjoy the weekend for as long as it lasts, man! Afternoon drinks followed by a group feed for dinner is golden. Aussies know how to do Sunday sessions well. I'll give them that.

Our best bet here is Bedford Soda & Liqour in Ponsonby or Takapuna. A slice of NYC in the AK. We're all fairly slow on a Monday morning no matter what we do on Sunday, so may as well get into it right?

BEST HANGOVER CURE Japanese food! Miso soup is a great hangover cure for the stomach. Something about the sodium helps everything start to feel better. Honestly, try it next time! And then the sashimi and salads and lightness of the food stop you from feeling worse than when you reach for the burgers or chips. Azabu is delish and lovely on a Sunday as it's a bit quieter than other times. Other than that, see my above idea… keep gently drinking! *

*and then go check out for advice on how to feel better!! x

 - Sunday Magazine


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