My Sunday routine: The Bachelor's Zac Franich

Does Zac Franich now have someone special to spend is Sundays with?

Does Zac Franich now have someone special to spend is Sundays with?

With the final rose looming, we stole Zac Franich away for a little alone time to fill out this questionnaire. The Bachelor finale airs on TV3 this Sunday. 

On Sundays, usually I'm on the water off Orewa Beach coaching the kids in my training squad. I love being active, so I'm very fortunate that part of my job requires me to be physically fit. We train all year round, rain hail or shine, so some mornings it's quite cold, but it's always good to get exercise in early in the day.

I generally have a bit of time during the weekdays to shop which is good, because any supermarket on a Sunday is a place to avoid!

We normally have a family dinner at my parents' place with my brother, his wife and their daughter, which is always nice. Otherwise I'd probably wander down the road and get a burger in Takapuna.

*My Sunday routine: Supermodel and fashion designer Heidi Klum
*My Sunday routine: Megan May of Little Bird Organics in Auckland
*My Sunday routine: Dr Sarah Hart, cosmetic medicine specialist


I'm not really into beauty treatments, although because I'm in the elements quite a bit my skin takes a bit of a hammering. I've started using Dermalogical Daily Defence as a moisturiser and their After Shave Gel which does the trick. I've managed to get through 28 years in life so far without any facials or anything!

There's no wardrobe planning on a Sunday night. just have a look what clean clothes I've got in the wardrobe and go from there! Being part of The Bachelor has definitely made me dress a bit sharper just out of habit, which is kind of nice. I quite like wearing anything understated though, just plain tees, nice pants/jeans etc.

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IDEAL SUNDAY There's a bit of a lie-in, waking up whenever that happens to be, but before 9am. Maybe doing some exercise, a walk somewhere perhaps and getting some breakfast or brunch and catching up with friends along the way. My favourite part of the week is Sunday afternoons, such a lazy time of the week. It's the perfect time for a movie at home, and so as long as that part of the day is free I'm pretty happy!

TYPICAL SUNDAY  Currently on my typical Sunday I'd wake up at a sensible time and eat breakfast (usually bircher muesli with nuts, seeds and fruit) and be ready to start coaching at 11am-1pm. Then I'll usually try and catch up with friends or see what the flatmates are up to. Lately it's been finished with a family dinner.

SUNDAY TV To be fair, I'm more of a movies kind of guy! I tried really hard to get into Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones... but then I'd miss an ep or something would come up and I'd forget about it! But I enjoy most movies, ones that make you think a bit are my favourites (Inception, Shutter Island etc).

I WISH I HAD MORE TIME ON A SUNDAY FOR Reading. I wish I made more time for reading. I've had a bit going on lately and found that I've been reading far less than I'd like. I like the escapism reading provides and the new ideas it can present. Nice way to relax too.

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