Models covered in milk

01:51, Oct 10 2013
MILKY MAGIC: These photographs are put together painstakingly by layering image-upon-image of milk being splashed on models.

Got milk?

Taking inspiration from the pinup photos of the '40s and '50s, Polish, London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz created these incredible images by layering hundreds of snapshots on top of each other.

Models were actually splashed with milk for each individual photo, which were snapped with special high-speed cameras. Each shot required hours of patience, as none of the "clothes" you see here were illustrated. The series will be made into a 2014 calendar.

Wieczorkiewicz - whose London studio does a lot of advertising and calendar work - is actually a trained architect, and says his training in that has taught him to solve "complex problems" with "simple, yet innovative solutions."  


A similar technique was used for Crown Paints' Fashion For Walls ad campaign (in which paint - we hope water-soluble - was splashed on models over-and-over to achieve a couture-like image) ... 

Photography buffs can see more about how Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz uses lighting to achieve his images in the video below ... 

Lighting For Liquid Series - AurumLight from Aurum Light / Jaroslav on Vimeo.

A keen photographer? The Aurum Light Studio is holding workshops in this milk technique in Australia in late November.