Brides throwing cats

There's a new wedding meme Tumblr in town, and it's fantastic ... meet 'BridesThrowingCats.Com'. 

All you need to get involved in this new viral sensation is a snap of a mid-air cat, a photo of that special moment when you threw your bouquet and some sharp Photoshopping skills (please don't try and actually throw a cat. A) That would be highly cruel. B) You would require a lot of concealer to cover up kitty scratches post-cat grab. 

'Oh haaaay ladies!' (They really wanted that kitty bouquet.) 

These wahines, however, look less than fussed.

'Where the single ladies at?' He's fantastic. Truly aerodynamic.

Someone in this picture is going to suffer facial injuries, no question.

- For more mid-air cat matrimonial mayhem, check out the Tumblr in question.