An awesome ode to body image

HEAR HER ROAR: We heart Amanda Trusty.
HEAR HER ROAR: We heart Amanda Trusty.

The introduction on Amanda Trusty's blog reads: "It's time to shed some bright ass light on eating, performing, and what it's like to live in a body controlled by the entertainment biz," and the burlesque dancer isn't afraid to practice what she preaches.

A few weeks ago, the New York-based dancer performed a self-choreographed piece at a fundraiser for Hawaii Gay Pride. The tap-dancing, lady-power interpretation of Katy Perry's 'Roar' - where Trusty sheds her clothes and insecurities - has propelled her into "YouTube sensation" territory.

More importantly, however, the video has been embraced by a society starved of body-loving imagery for its positive, oft forgotten message - beauty isn't bound to size 0.

"While I literally peeled the words 'cellulite' and 'suck it in' off my body, as a part of the piece I created in order to share my journey, I thought to myself, This is Broadway to me," Trusty explains on her blog.

"I think this video speaks a million words for my journey, and no more explanation is needed, other than explaining that burlesque is an art form where clothing is removed. So you will see skin. You will see all of my passion. And you will hear screams from over 200 people who have shared part of my journey with me, and have probably been on some version of it themselves."

See Trusty 'roar' here:

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