Video: It's all about the 'squinch'

22:11, Nov 21 2013
FROM HOT TO MESMERISING: He's handsome to the left, yes, but so dashing and confident to the right ... we're confused ... we can't take our eyes off of him (it's all in the squinch).

Do you tend to look like this in most photos? We've all been there. 

Professional photographer Peter Hurley has shared his ultimate trick for how to look good in pictures in a YouTube instructional video - and it all comes down to the 'squinch'.

And no, the squinch is not a Dr Seuss character, it's a subtle movement of the eyes (squint meets pinch) that will make you look more confident and instantly photogenic.

We practiced it ... it works (however we will say that of all the models that try it, the squinch's creator, Peter Hurley, is the least successful squincher - he goes too far with it). 

Here's the full 'squinch' video ... skip to 4.30 to get straight to the pre- and post-squinch examples ...