Kim K's guide to the perfect selfie

She really is the Spielberg of the selfie and so who better to take vain photo tips from than Kim Kardashian, 33?

The new mum and her best friend Brittny Gastineau (who is a hater of the vowel, socialite and daughter of former New York Jets player Mark) appear in a short clip for TV show Extra in which they explain their self-snap techniques.

In the illuminating few-minute clip Kardashian explains the importance of the high angle; her love of duckface for its cheekbone gifting qualities and the importance of lighting.

Things get a bit side-tracked, however, when the reality star bemoans:

"I look so disgusting with no makeup on today... but ... whatever." 

And yes, it appears Kim's equivalent of no makeup is our idea of full on, going out evening makeup (smokey eye, foundation, a natural lip).

Here's her technique in action ... some of Kim K's greatest selfies: 

Her actual caption on this one: "Side parting it today". That's some intense duckface.  

Here she puts her lighting tip into action ... The 'sleepy' selfie ... although we would advise against sleeping with those spider legs strapped to your eyes. That's got to be dangerous: The dead-eyes selfie ... it's very evil coven in Twilight: The breaking her own rules selfie - THAT'S A LOW ANGLE KIM K!