Man explores life with a small penis

Patrick Moote's penis is small.

So small, in fact, that he says it's the main reason his girlfriend turned him down when he proposed ... publically ... and on film. The stunningly-awkward rejection turned him into a 10-million-hit-club YouTube sensation:

So, yes, the American comedian has been humiliated en masse before, and he's now set out to do it all again in a documentary in which he explores ways to deal with having an exceptionally small penis.

Puntastically, the film is called 'Unhung Hero'. 

Why is he doing this? Because he wants an answer to the question, does size matter? "I think the men of the world deserve an answer to this question," he explains. "And so I'm going to find it... with this 'cockumentary'".

In the film, Moote travels around the world to try some of the many 'penis enlargement' techniques men devote themselves to across the globe. He told the New York Post that the most unusual was in South East Asia:

"In Thailand, we went to a guy named Master Chu's studio to witness and participate in a form of martial arts where one of the techniques they use is hanging weights from their penis. On the outside it seems very strange, but it made a lot of sense. They've been doing it for like a thousand years, and I'm not going to lie, when they untied the rope and weight and released it from my situation, it felt amazing."

At no point in the documentary does Moote reveal his exact measurements, but in the film a doctor puts him in the category of 'low normal'. 

So how's his sex life now that he's famous for a) being rejected on camera b) exploring life with a small penis on camera?

Not bad, he says, telling the Post he's set "the expectations so low" that he "can't disappoint." That's the attitude!