Today's happy cry: Sick kids see snow

It very rarely snows in Atlanta. So the white Christmas that everybody - including us Kiwis who will be sweating our way through a hot dinner and then doing bombs into the pool come December 25 - longs for is but a dream.

The staff at three hospitals in Atlanta wanted to create a magical white Christmas for the sick children on their wards- many of them waiting for transplants being treated for cancer and in intensive care - and so they made it snow.

The surprise was arranged by a top secret staff operation, and the sheer wonder and joy on the very ill children's faces as it 'snowed' in Atlanta, and they made snowmen and danced under the flakes would have been worth every second.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said, "It all started out as a desire to do something big for our patients ... It's such a special time of year and kids in the hospital don't get to celebrate."

The best thing is that for that whole hour the kids got to be kids, not patients in a hospital.

Ooof! - that is the sound of my heart squeezing and maybe breaking. 

- Daily Life