Video: Aaron Paul helps proposal

03:54, Dec 18 2013
YEAH B...: Could you say no to this man?

In the era of OTT proposals it pays to be creative, and this video shows that with an inside joke and a Hollywood celebrity it's likely you'll be able to convince your other half to say "yeah, bitch", or the more traditional "yes".

Everyone's favourite actor and all-round great guy, Aaron Paul, lent Jason a hand when he proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Jackie, on December 15.

The request must have come as a breath of fresh air for Paul, who is usually just hassled on the street by strangers wanting him to say "bitch" all the time. 

Bless. Anyone who loves Aaron Paul that much is a friend of ours.

Hang in 'til about the five-minute mark for your Wednesday reward.