10 most read L&S stories of 2013

00:33, Dec 19 2013
MOST READ: Some of your favourite stories of the year - engagement pics; Kate Middleton and Miss Utah.

Kate Middleton, bad engagement photos, angry brides, Gwyn Paltrow - this is what you clicked on this year. 

10. Top model fired over breast size: Gorgeous model Jourdan Dunn revealed Dior dumped her from its couture show because her boobs were too big. (She's a 32 A). 

9. When your mother says she's fat: Kasey Edwards' beautiful letter to her mother about body image really struck a chord with us all: the story was shared on Facebook over 140,000 times. 

8. Gwyneth Paltrow goes commando: The actress' controversial Antonio Berardi dress got you clicking ... and then remember when she then explained the grooming routine necessary pre-red carpet? Ah Goopy ... Our favourite bit is when Ellen says, 'this outfit got a lot of attention', to which Gwyn replies, 'oh, did it?!' all surprised-like. That's true comedy. 


7. I hired a sex worker for my elderly dad: This very touching story on a tricky topic was well recieved, although not all of our commenters agreed with the woman's ultimately-very-loving gesture. 

6. The creepiest email ever: An American surgeon's email that offered cash rewards to the person who could find him the 'skinny', 'Caucasian' and 'Christian' girl he's after (only once he'd approved her picture, of course) was so creepy it was fantastic. The man in question was widely rumoured to be this guy; but that's not confirmed - and we have yet to find out if he got results (and ergo had to give anyone free surgery). 

5. Miss Utah's words fail her: The pull of schadenfreude proved very powerful, making this tale of a beauty queen seriously messing up the 'interview portion' of a pageant one of the most read stories of the year. In happier news for Marissa Powell, she's just announced her engagement to Brigham Young University linebacker Kyle Van Noy:

I'm officially engaged to the love of my life! @MarissaPowellUT is everything and more! Love you babe! pic.twitter.com/JW82nwARqO

4. Bride angry over cheap wedding gift: Because everybody loves a Bridezilla. 

3. Kate's touching Diana tribute: The polka dot dress crashed designer Jenny Packham's website (even though it was bespoke for the Duchess and wasn't for sale); it inspired a baby blue and white polka dot mani trend and spiked polka dot sales everywhere (British retailer Asda say they shifted 5,000 dotty dresses in just the few hours post appearance). 

2. Size really does matter: A 'definitive' study on penis size by Professor of Evolutionary Biology Michael Jennions (below) showed that the size of the junk in the trunk directly correlates with a man's attractiveness. 

1. Ten truly cringeworthy engagement pics: And the most read story of the year ... because one person's beautiful cherish-worthy moment is another's viral gem.