Timelapse pregnancy video popular

16:00, Jan 09 2014
Pregnancy time lapse video
TIME-LAPSE TRIO: New mum Jess Thurlow with baby Lilah, aged 8 weeks, and photographer Nicole Gourley created a special time lapse video to record Mrs Thurlow’s pregnancy.

A Southland photographer is attracting nationwide attention for the special way she captured her friend's pregnancy.

Photographer Nicole Gourley, who also works at The Southland Times, snapped 3000 photographs of her friend Jess Thurlow to create a unique time-lapse record of her pregnancy.

The video, painstakingly shot across nine months, chronicles Mrs Thurlow's growing baby bump, the changing seasons and important milestones throughout the pregnancy journey, ending with the arrival of baby Lilah.

Originally posted online for friends and family to share, the video seems to have hit a chord with New Zealand viewers.

By yesterday afternoon, the project had been shared thousands of times, at a speed which surprised both the photographer and the model, Gourley said.


"It was very unexpected. I just put it up to show our friends and Jess' family, [to say] just look at this cool wee thing we've made."

Gourley had seen other time-lapse pregnancy projects online, but wanted to do something a little more interesting with the concept, she said.

However, before she could embark on the project, she had to find a pregnant woman willing to commit to months of all-weather modelling.

"I thought of [the idea] probably a few years ago and then I had to wait for one of my friends to get pregnant. So when Jess got pregnant, it was perfect."

Once started, the project became a lot more work than the pair initially anticipated.

The 3000 images were captured across 15 outdoor photo shoots, many of them in the middle of winter, with only 500 photos ending up in the finished video, Gourley said.

The mammoth project required the mum-to-be model to pose between hail storms in a pink summer dress, while Gourley took photos wrapped up in thermals.

"More often than not, I was like, ‘oh, why am I doing this?"' Mrs Thurlow said.

"But knowing that it was going to be really awesome was worth it."

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