Weather photo of the week: Those hazy, lazy days of summer

A view so stunning it almost looks like a painting.

A view so stunning it almost looks like a painting.

With the weather we endured over the past few months, it makes you wonder if summer even exists in New Zealand.

Behold, a picturesque scene from last summer - the kind of day we can hopefully enjoy very soon.

After a prolonged drive from Picton to Hanmer Springs, I stopped the car just after crossing the Waiau Ferry Bridge to have a break and take in the views.

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It was the most balmy summer's evening, the atmosphere so still, so gentle and warm it wanted to lift you up in its embrace to suspend you mid air floating as a feather.

A snowy sunset over Queenstown
A frozen paddock in Omakau
Fog in Manukau
Snowy steeds in Springfield

Everywhere my eyes were met with a hushed beauty - the cool rushing of the ice blue river, the velveteen hills looking deceptively soft to the touch and the tall dusky shadows falling gracefully across the landscape.

Drunk on beauty, I was happily caught up in the haze of this lazy summer's evening.

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