Woman transforming into Barbie

22:53, Feb 20 2014

A new video from Barcroft TV profiles Blondie Bennett, 38, a self-described Barbie-obsessive who's getting hypnotherapy in the hopes of decreasing her IQ and making herself more doll-like. 

Bennett, who says her family and friends struggle with her transition into a doll, has already spent $NZ50,000 on five breast augmentations to take her to a double J cup. 

"Natural's boring, I'm sorry," she explains. 

The California resident says she has men that support her and pay for her sugeries, including, "One like special guy ... he pays my rent ... basically I'm like his play doll." 

Worryingly, she's paying for two to three hypnotherapy sessions a week to become 'brainless' and more convincingly doll-like:

"I have noticed I am becoming more forgetful and brainless and it kind of weirds me out but then I'm like, 'wow, it's really working'". 

"Now that I've come out of the Barbie closet I'm not shy about what I do." 

So who wants to now try and argue that playing with unrealistically-proportioned Barbies doesn't affect young girls?