Makeup: Camouflaging not hiding

Last updated 11:51 04/04/2014

People reveal the things they go to great effort to cover up, and show there's nothing wrong with a bit of camo.

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Most beauty ads are packed with so much Photoshop and fake eyelashes that the idea of any cosmetics brand asking a model to remove her makeup seems a little absurd. But for a brand that offers corrective cosmetics for people with tattoos and skin conditions, it makes perfect sense.

The high performance cosmetic brand isn't here to make you beautiful, but rather, you are beautiful. That's the message Dermablend is promoting in a campaign of inspirational ads called "Camo Confessions," in which consumers share their story of how the cosmetic lines helps them feel more comfortable with themselves.

Above we have the original ads made by Dermablend, and below are the YouTube reader responses ... each one as inspiring and enlightening as the next. All of them proving that makeup's not just about making women and men scramble to achieve impossible beauty ideals, and that sometimes it can be something that helps a person feel confident enough to truly be themselves ... 

- This article first appeared on Mashable

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