Tested: a DNA skin diagnosis

Diagnosis is everything when it comes to your skin.

Can your genes tell you the secret to better skin?

It's Gigi vs Bella for top model

Bella and older sister Gigi go head-to-head for the Model of the Year title.

The model sisters go head-to-head for the Model of the Year title at the 2016 Fashion Awards.

Are these legs shiny or painted?

Too much moisturiser, or just some white paint?

Your eyes could well be playing a trick on you, but don't worry. Everyone else was fooled too.

In my beauty bag: Jyoti Morningstar

Jyoti Morningstar approaches beauty with a very natural and organic focus.

This eco-conscious clothing guru and yoga addict talks makeup and skincare.

'I started the business in my dad's garage'

Tailor Skincare and Libertine Blends new, limited edition Masque + Tea set.

If true, uninhibited relaxation sounds like your cup of tea, these three Wellington-based businesswomen may have just the thing.

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how-to guides

Annalee's Halloween makeup tips

Frightening realistic, Annalee nails this look to perfection.

This super-talented Kiwi beauty vlogger shares some of her favourite spooky looks.

Perfecting the 'red eye' trend

There's a thin line between rocking the red eye look without looking like you have conjunctivitis.

Shaaanxo's Halloween makeup tips

Keeping acne under control

product reviews

Our favourite budget beauty video

Whether you spend a ton or a tad, these products are pretty rad.

We share our best bargain discoveries - and a couple of worthy splurges.

Tested: An ultrasound facial

We test run Caci Clinic's sonophoresis infusion treatment, which uses sound waves to pass active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Harriet Pudney and Melissa Williams-King talk about their favourite new beauty products.

Our favourite new beauty products video

There's no special occasion here, just a few things we think are worthy of your attention.

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