In my beauty bag: Sally Martin

SALLY MARTIN: "I think makeup should be used to enhance a person's own favourite features."

Want to know how the Shortland St actress stays so glam? We've got the lowdown on her top products.

What's Emma Stone been faking?

At the SAG Awards, Emma Stone appeared to be sporting faux freckles drawn over her foundation.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted the actress' youthful beauty trick (and here's how to do it home).

Plastic surgery disaster shocks Brazil

Andressa Urach changed her tune on plastic surgery after coming close to death. 'I put poison in my body, mainly because I have too much vanity'.

She told women surgery could make them beautiful, but she's changed her tune.

Disney princesses with realistic hair

Ariel learns what life on the land is really like.

First it was giving them realistic waistlines, then normal-sized eyes, and now this.

The ideal body type over time

IDEAL BEAUTIES OVER TIME: Ancient Egypt (c 1292-1069 B.C.); the Italian Renaissance (c 1400-1700) and the 1980s - aka the Supermodel era.

This stunning three minute video shows that body 'ideals' are a trend more than an everlasting fact.

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Why she smears red lippie on her face

DARK CIRCLES BE GONE: Yes, you'll look crazy in the process, but smearing lippie all over your face is a true buy-less-products beauty hack.

... the results are kind of amazing.

Getting lacquered

Observe these simple few guidelines to nail the right look for your hands.

Try these beauty pick-me-ups

Pimples? Don't panic

product reviews

This week we're obsessed with gallery


Orlando Bloom's manbun, Taylor Swift conspiracy theories and Fifty Shades-themed nails.

10 Xmas gifts for beauty junkies gallery

From pamper time to primping tools, these are our 10 favourite beauty buys of 2014.

Want to keep up with the beauty times? These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014.

10 beauty products to try in 2015

These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014. Clear space in your medicine cabinet ...

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