3 uses for out-of-date sunscreen

Don't toss your old sunblock - find other uses for it.

If you've found a bottle of old suncream that's past its best, don't head straight for the bin.

Bra insert as a makeup sponge?

The Molly Cosmetics Silisponge sells for $14, though it's currently out of stock.

People will truly try anything with makeup these days. We're not convinced on this one.

Tested: Float pod therapy

The float pod therapy room at Tory Urban Retreat.

You remember that one episode of The Simpsons? We've tried out a salt float tank.

The best Xmas nail art gallery

These cute Jamberry designs are wraps that you simply heat and press onto your nails.

Get inspired with these festive manicures.

Men are getting botox downstairs

Smooth testicles might be the newest trend in men's health.

At least 15 men have had their scrota injected this year.

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Get the look: Leslie Mann

Leslie's hair looks effortless and chic.

These relaxed, surfer-girls waves are just what we want for our summer hairstyle.

Highway to hell

 Bikers in Marlborough will get a stark warning about the dangers of not wearing protetive gear from a woman who was "skinned alive".

Get rid of greasy hair

Hottest Xmas makeup looks

product reviews

Tested: a bespoke facial

Tonic Room's 'Bespoke Facial' uses a customised combination of skincare products.

A customised facial using luxurious natural products leaves us looking and feeling great.

Our favourite budget beauty video

We share our best bargain discoveries - and a couple of worthy splurges.

Foliage on your fingers - whatever will they think of next?

A garden on your nails?

This new manicure trend literally gives you a green thumb (and fingers too).

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