Celebs gifted 'vampire breast lift'

Fancy a spot of laser therapy, Cate Blanchett?

Nominees may not leave Oscars with a little gold man, but they will get $300k gift bag including cleavage help and $400 loo roll.

Cute Valentines Day nails inspo gallery

Match your nails to your romantic mood this Valentines Day.

Get into the spirit of lurrrrve with some Valentines nail-art.

Taranaki nails impress Kim K

Karla Morris was so shocked that her Kim Kardashian West nails featured on Kim's app and website, that she had to sleep on it before she could believe it.

Kim Kardashian West has had her eye on a Taranaki nail artist.

Digger by day, pin-up by night

Hanna Wain, aka Dariel Dearlove, won Miss Vintage Hibiscus Coast.

"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it."

Do you shower too much?

People say time in the shower is good for thinking, relaxing and getting ready to face the day.

Bathing every day might be bad for you. Science says so.

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Rise of beauty entrepreneurs

Kiwi vlogger Shannon Harris, otherwise known as Shaaanxo, is ranked fourth in the world for beauty channels on YouTube and is New Zealand's most subscribed channel.

Beauty is a billion dollar business in New Zealand, and it's bred a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Copy Penelope Cruz's beauty look

This woman can do no wrong in the fashion and beauty department and her latest look proves it.

Bad hair? Here's the cure

How to rock a red lip this summer

product reviews

Fancy some 'octopus highlights'?

A typical example of the octopus highlights application in progress.

This new colouring technique is bound to raise some tentacles.

Do IUDs cause acne?

For some unlucky women, birth control can wreak havoc with skin.

The ModelCo girls prove that faking it is the best way when it comes to tanning.

The 2016 self-tanning guide gallery

Scared of turning yourself into an oompa loompa? Don't fear - here's the best products to spend your bucks on.

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