Brie Larson laughs off zit woes

It's not the first time the Hollywood actor has made fun of her fashion slip-ups.

It was red-carpet day and her skin was not on its best behaviour. But Brie Larson took it all in stride.

'Perfume shouldn't overpower'

"Just wear it for yourself, a little behind the ear, nothing overpowering," says Jennifer Aniston.

You should wear the perfume, not let the perfume wear you, says Jennifer Aniston.

Are your brows ageing you?

13052015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Female eye with dark brown glamour make-up - macro shot

beautiful, beauty, bright, ...

Just because one style looks good on someone else doesn't mean they will suit you.

Atheist vlogger criticised for hijab

Chloe Morello has some criticism for wearing a hijab in one of her beauty videos.

"For you it's easy to wear like a costume... actual Muslim women risk being harassed."

Can selfies cause wrinkles? video

love, romance, dating, date, relationship, man, woman, husband, wife, fiance, fiancee, holiday, vacation, selfie, wefie, ...

If so, it could be bad news for a whole generation of camera-loving socialites.

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Get the look: Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling kept it simple.

With a simple black dress and updo, she let her bold red lips do the talking.

This woman can turn herself into anyone

This master of makeup artists is at it again with some incredible transformations.

Banish blackheads with glue? video

Makeup or optical illusion?

product reviews

Beauty box subscriptions on the rise

GoodieBox is a New Zealand monthly service that delivers five different beauty products to a subscriber's door.

Kiwi women are using online services to deliver new, big brand, beauty products to their doorstep every month

Fancy a multi-coloured fringe?

Start with some baby steps to get on the rainbow hair bandwagon.

Baby Silky Foot claims to give you feet as soft and smooth as a baby.

The Korean foot peel for newborn feet

We find out if a Korean foot peel claiming to give you feet like a newborn lives up to the hype.

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