Snake venom moisturiser

SNAKE BITE: Could venom help stop the signs of ageing?
SNAKE BITE: Could venom help stop the signs of ageing?

A new anti-ageing product which mimics snake venom has been launched.

Dr Tuhin Dev’s Core Protect Day Cream – which costs £69.96 (NZ$175) per bottle - is a high-end facial moisturiser which claims to keep skin looking youthful by using Synake, a synthetic tripeptide which is just like the reptile’s poison.

The ingredient attaches itself to the muscle cell receptors in the skin.

According to its literature, the function of the lotion is “to nourish and protect the facial skin from the effects of daily environmental assault, such as UV radiation, pollution and stress.

It has a powerful anti-oxidant effect and offers natural screening from UVA radiation, protection of the skin cells mitochondria and DNA and anti-inflammatory properties”.

The new cream is not the first beauty product to contain unusual ingredients.

Last year, Charlize Theron splashed out on “super berry" moisturiser Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream, which is made from a fruit found in the Amazon jungle.

The cream - which costs $65 (NZ$114) for a small tube - boasts it can "slow down time" and is packed with "age-defying technologies to nourish, protect and firm".

Blondie singer Debbie Harry has admitted to injecting herself with sheep embryos to stay looking young, while Demi Moore revealed she covers herself in blood-sucking leeches to keep her skin looking fresh.

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