Neon nails

03:30, Jul 07 2010
Kristen Stewart
A SHOT OF COLOUR: Kristen Stewart on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards.

Neon nails have been spotted all over the runway and stars Kristen Stewart, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have all opted for bright  pink, yellow, and blue manicures.

"The greatest thing about neon nails is that they don't have to be matchy-matchy!" Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees told

"They make a statement all on their own."

Kristen Stewart
A TOUCH OF BLUE: Kristen Stewart chose neon blue nail polish to finish off her outfit.

"I personally like it when an outfit is void of other bright hues, like Katy Perry's dress on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards," said Kyees.

"It was silver and the nails were bright yellow. She went a step further and had blue hair which looked rad with the nails!"

Kyees advises keeping your nails short or in a "squoval" (slightly square and oval) shape.


Katy Perry
NAILS THAT POP: Katy Perry on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards.

After providing your nails with a basecoat for the polish to adhere to, Kyees recommends a coat of white polish.

""This will make your neon shade look more vibrant than ever before. I won't use a neon without a white coat of polish!"

Kyees also says it's important to consider your skin tone before you plump for a neon hue.

Katy Perry
NAILING THE LOOK: Katy Perry opted for neon yellow nail polish.

For lighter skin tones, Kyees suggests green and purple shades. And for darker skin tones, orange and pink.

"You have to be careful if you have more red or yellow tones in your skin as some shades don't look as good."