Bright pink - this year's hottest hair trend?

IN THE PINK Blogger Violet Le Beaux.
IN THE PINK Blogger Violet Le Beaux.

It was bright pink hair as much as information on branding and monetising blogs that led to enthusiatic tweeting at Australia's first and largest blogging conference at the weekend.

In a room of 300 people - including a good number of colourful and stylised "personalities" and some excellent keynote speakers - there were at least three women with pink hair and they had everyone's attention. You can see why from this picture, taken at the the conference, of Violet LeBeaux, blogger of craft, cute things and ''being awesome on a budget''.

Isn't she a doll?  

Violet had the pink thing singing. The pink bits of her hair were confined to the long ringlets cascading from a platinum beehive. The colour was echoed in her careful lip and eye makeup, in her hair bow and in her floral-sprigged dress, her beads and her jewel-encrusted nails - it all harmonising so beautifully you just know that a lot of thought went into it. She must have got up very early to get ready, put it that way.

The whole effect was delightful - it worked. Pink hair looked right. It looked wonderful!

Just two or three weeks ago I hadn't given pink hair a thought - if I had have happened to give it a thought, it would have been in association with troll dolls or Lady Gaga (or Lady Gaga as a troll doll). Or, er, Pink. Now suddenly it seems to be everywhere. 

First I noticed it was while doing my homework (watching Project Runway Australia) and then when doing research for bonus marks (watching preview tapes of Australia's Next Top Model).

Both series feature contestants with over-the-top pink hair. And just this afternoon, there was an older lady at school pick-up with a white bob with chunky streaks of hot pink. Just so splendid.  

I'm not sure of the reason behind the wave of pink hair but I do know it is high, high maintenance. The colour just wants to wash away down the sink to leave a pink version of the old blue rinse. Whether it's coincidental or whether the hair companies foresaw the pink tide, there have been some excellent ranges released that are dedicated to retaining ''tricky'' coloured hair. And pink can safely be classified as pretty tricky...  

Yesterday Kerastase Paris relaunched its 2007 Reflection range to include three cutting-edge products that, it says, ''deliver supreme results with long-lasting, more radiant hair colour''. Funnily, they are in pink bottles. I've been using them for the past couple of weeks since my last colour (no, not pink) and I think they're great.

There's a creamy anti-fading shampoo (or ''cleansing balm'' as Kerastase likes to call it) called Baume Lavant Caresse to use during the first three shampoos after a colour service, then to alternate with a colour care shampoo (or ''bath'' as Kerastase likes to call it). Reflection Chroma Cristal is a lightweight leave-in protection spray and Laque Fixante is a hairspray said to shield the most demanding colours from fading, all day long.

Sebastian also yesterday released a ''smart colour complex system'' called Color Ignite that, it says, ''reads the needs'' of colour treated hair.

The aim is to retain the individual colour created by the hairdresser for longer. There are two formulations of shampoo and conditioner - one each for mono-toned and multi-toned hair. Goldwell recently launched Dualsenses 60sec Treatments in little tubs - the Color Extra Rich one provides extra care and brilliance for demanding colour-treated hair in (you guessed it) a minute.

I can also recommend L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color's new delicate colour protecting shampoo. Not only is it pink, it would suit pink hair as it reduces colour fade and leaves hair looking vibrant. And I can never go past the Redken Color Extend range - it makes hair soft without weighing it down.

My pick is the Colour Extend Total Recharge, a lightweight spray conditioner that can be left on if needed. And my guess is pink hair would need it.  

Why pink hair? (Something Japanese? Something goth? - please fill me in). There must be a reason it's suddenly about. It must require hours in the salon chair and then lots of love and attention to maintain using good salon products such as the ones I've mentioned here.

Have you gone pink? How do you dress it, wear it, look after it?

Is it the only acid hair colour about or is there an army of citrus orange hair out there somewhere too? Do you like the look even if you'd never dare to try it? What's it all about?

Sydney Morning Herald