Doctors won't touch 'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge who gave 7-year-old daughter surgery vouchers


Anderson Cooper kicks 'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge off his daytime talk show.

First she gave her daughter plastic surgery vouchers for her seventh birthday, then she hit headlines for giving her 15-year-old Botox injections.

And now "human Barbie" Sarah Burge has been refused further procedures after she shocked doctors by bringing her now-10-year-old daughter into a consultation so she can disturbingly see what her future may hold.

The 55-year-old Brit, who has already been under the knife a whopping 300 times to the tune of NZ$4.2 million, was hoping to undergo a hand lift as part of E! TV series Botched.

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But LA-based doctors instead pulled the plug.

"Sarah is a walking billboard for plastic surgery but bringing your 10-year-old daughter to a consultation?" said Dr Dubrow said on a promo for the reality show.

"Unorthodox at best, at worst it's weird."

11955356.jpg (618×462)

Sarah Burge brings 10-year-old daughter Poppy, left, into her consultation with plastic surgeons on Botched. Photo: E!

Mother-of-six and former Playboy bunny Burge has been no stranger to newspaper headlines in recent years for her controversial choices when it comes to plastic surgery, particularly concerning her daughters.

She gifted Poppy, the daughter she took with her to the Botched consultation, with surgery vouchers for her seventh birthday - though the child is not allowed to cash them in until she is 18.

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Whatever happened to a 500-piece puzzle and some $3 dolls for the big day? 

Burge also gave 15-year-old daughter Hannah Botox injections for "purely medical" reasons.

"She happened to be a professional dancer who suffered with hyperhidrosis [excessive sweating] so it had nothing to do with cosmetics," she told doctors in a promo for Botched.

"I divided a nation."

It was while discussing this subject that TV host Anderson Cooper famously kicked Burge off his chat show back in 2012.

However Burge's love of plastic surgery stems from a dark period in her past.

She was viciously attacked by an abusive boyfriend in her 20s, an incident which left her "face destroyed".

"I looked like one of those patchwork quilts," she said.

"When I lost my looks, my life was over."

Burge's previous surgeries include breast and butt implants, liposuction and a tummy tuck.  

While we totally understand turning to surgery to boost her confidence after such a traumatic experience, we can't quite get on board with encouraging her pre-pubescent children to one day go under the knife themselves.

Let's just all stick with Cabbage Patch dolls and Easy-Bake ovens for birthdays please.

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