Bunchems sticky toys are ruining kids' hair video

This seems like the sort of thing someone should have seen coming, but that's always easy to say in retrospect.

Bunchems are a squishy, sticky new building toy, each around the size of a marble and covered in soft hooks.

The idea is you can make them into anything - a bit like Lego - but that same stickiness makes them a nightmare if they get anywhere near your hair.

One US mum told the Wall Street Journal she heard giggling turn to "guttural groaning" when her daughter and her friends were playing in another room.

Bonnie Brushwood went to investigate, and found 30 Bunchems stuck in one girl's hair, and a few less in her daughter's. 

Her husband, Brian, a magician who makes instructional YouTube videos, was flummoxed by the knots. 

Not pictured: chunks of hair ripped out by Bunchems. Wonder how much damage a mega pack could do.

Not pictured: chunks of hair ripped out by Bunchems. Wonder how much damage a mega pack could do.

"We've taught everything from how to eat fire and pick locks," he said.

"It turns out all those skills are defeated by this one mass of pure evil."

The Brushwoods are a long way from being alone in their experience. Photos of hair snarled in Bunchems are all over Twitter, and the toy's Amazon reviews are packed with distress, betrayal and anger. 

"They bring pain and misery, tears, fighting, broken and ripped hair, and questions of one's sanity in handling life in general," wrote Ethan Benoit

"Horrible, horrible, horrible toy for kids."

Rebecca Olesen agreed, suggesting the toy is a "perfect gift for that child you hate. Have a 5 year old who really gets on your nerves? Then give them this and let them play with it unsupervised".

We feel like that might be more of a punishment for the parents, since they'll be in charge of the clean-up, but maybe you hate them too. 

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Bunchems are manufactured by Canadian toy company Spin Master Ltd, and they told the Wall Street Journal they've had few complaints. 

However, they have responded in video form. "How to Remove Bunchems From Your Hair" has over 80,000 views, and a remarkably positive attitude. 

"If they aren't budging, apply a little more conditioner," it advises cheerily. 

Bunchems are available on Fishpond, and will ship to New Zealand from Amazon, but you're ordering at your own risk. 


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