Ten hilarious parodies on sexist beauty standards

Nathalie Croquet gives her best Penelope Cruz impression in her Spoof photo series.

Nathalie Croquet gives her best Penelope Cruz impression in her Spoof photo series.

Society's double standards when it comes to beauty is no laughing matter. Except for when these guys skewer it.

1. Beauty vlogs are a dime a dozen on YouTube, but nothing beats Lily Karlin's must-watch tutorial demonstrating her "go-to look for when I want to have any power as a woman in society". 

2. The Onion nailed it once again with its spoof ad for the 'Ideal Woman Rubber Mask'. "By simply yanking it over your face, you can instantly achieve a fresh look that conforms to Western ideals of beauty." 

3. Dove may assume all women are deeply insecure, but not everyone is buying it. Comedy channel Above Average targets its 'Real Mirror Beauty Test' campaign, bringing in a 'scientist' who tries to convince participants that a man in a gorilla suit is how they see themselves. Because #TRUEBEAUTY

Nathalie Croquet gives her best Kate Moss impression in her Spoof photo series.

4. Photographer Nathalie Croquet thought to parody widely recognised cosmetic and fashion campaigns, sending out a strong message about universal perceptions of beauty and the questionable standard at which we compare ourselves. 

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5. Anyone else tired of the saccharine voiceovers and tinkling piano music in those Dove Real Beauty campaign videos? We much prefer this one by NewFeelingsTime, which shows the overwhelming majority of men are less beautiful than they think. Brad Pitt you ain't.

6. Amy Schumer, your new feminist best friend, does a spot-on skewering of societal beauty standards with her boy-band jam and music video, "Girl, Take Off Your Makeup". LOL away.

7. Watching late-night infomercials, filmmaker Jesse Rosten was inspired to create a fake ad for "Fotoshop by Adobe", recommending Photoshop techniques for common beauty woes.

8. Don't have the 'thigh gap' society demands of you? Simply 'thigh gap' hack your jeans by jamming a wooden stick between your legs. Too easy!

9. This parody of Beyonce's Flawless titled 'Morning Face', shows none of us #wokeuplikethis. We're sure Bey even gets eye crust.

10. If ever you want to demonstrate the shocking extremes to which Photoshop is used to touch up models, look no further than this video of a woman being transformed into Santa Claus.

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