Models being sexy with spoons

05:33, Aug 30 2012
Amanda Kerr
A strawberry has never looked so good.
Qantas campaign 2
Looking Spoon-tacular for the Qantas Club
Qantas campaign 3
Anyone for coffee?
Qantas campaign 4
Spoon-tiful salad
Qantas campaign 5
Enough spooning around
Qantas campaign 6
Miranda Kerr has signed to be an abassador for Qantas

Yesterday as I checked Facebook for the eleventieth time - hoping to find the answers to something, anything - I saw that my non-biological aunt and life mentor, Helen Razer, had commented on a post by Qantas.

Intrigued by this unlikely turn of events, I clicked on said post to see just what had inspired Aunty Helen to engage with the national airline through social media. It was then that this appeared on my screen.

And underneath it, the ever-inquisitive Ms Razer's comment: "Why does the nice lady have a teaspoon in her mouth?"

Miranda Kerr
SPOONING AROUND: Miranda Kerr has adopted 'spooning' as part of a new Qantas campaign.

Why indeed! Why does Miranda Kerr have a teaspoon in her mouth?

For those of you who live in a cave, Ms Kerr is now an official ambassador of The Qantas Club and this is a photo from their latest campaign.

The Qantas Club, as I understand it, is the place rich people go in the airport to talk to other rich people about being rich.


Having never actually been in The Qantas Club I have always pictured it as a place not unlike Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, full of chocolate fountains and short men. And now having seen this photo I also imagine it to be full of models licking spoons in a sexual way for the rich short men to enjoy.

I will continue believing this until proved wrong/given free lifetime membership to The Qantas Club (wink, nudge, etc).

In honour of The Qantas Club/ Miranda Kerr/ rich people/ my overactive imagination we have thus put together the attached gallery of models being sexy with spoons. We were pretty bored yesterday. Enjoy.

-The Vine