12 tricks to save every last drop of beauty products

Unless you have an army of lipsticks lying around, you'll want to make the ones you do have last.

Unless you have an army of lipsticks lying around, you'll want to make the ones you do have last.

It's easy to end up spending a fortune on beauty products. All too often you can find yourself caught short when your favourite product runs out just when you need it.

So to save some of your hard-earned cash, try some of our tips to make your products go the extra mile.

1. If you have a favourite foundation that's only got a bit left in the bottle, add some Sorbolene cream, shake well, and turn it into a tinted moisturiser.

2. Don't throw away plastic tubes of product such as eye cream, foundation or lip balm. Cut off the ends and scrape out the remaining product to get a couple more uses out of it.

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3. Remove the hard top layer of your powder compact (caused by the oils in your skin) by placing a strip of sticky tape over it. When you lift it off, the top layer will come off too leaving you with a like-new compact.

4. Dropped and broken an eye shadow, blush or powder foundation? You can fix this by pouring a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the container until the product becomes a paste. Use your finger to press the product back together. Once the alcohol evaporates you will have a solid product once again.

5. Bring your dried out mascara back to life with a few drops of saline solution. Pop the lid back on, shake well, and use again.

6. Another mascara tip for when you're running low is to place the container in a cup of warm water before use. This will loosen the product from the insides of the tube. Remember though that mascara should only be kept for about three months, so toss it if it is past its best.

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7. Broken your favourite lipstick? You can melt it with a lighter and join it back together. Wind up the lipstick that is still in the tube and use the flame from a lighter to gently melt it a little. Then do the same with the matching end of the broken piece. Push the two pieces together and smooth out the sides with your finger. Allow it to dry and it should be as good as new.

8. If your powder blush has crumbled, turn it into a lip colour by adding a blob of Vaseline. Mix with a spoon and store in a small tub with a lid.

9. Use a crumbled eye shadow to make your own nail polish. Simply add the fine powder to a clear nail polish, shake well and use. Works well with glitter-based eye shadow too for a sparkly look.

10. If you have old nail polish that you can't get open, place the handle in a mug of warm water. This should loosen it enough to be able to open.

11. Turn your last few drops of perfume into a scented moisturiser by adding it to a tub of lotion.

12. Keep your make-up brushes in good condition by wetting with warm water and then rubbing in some olive oil. Rinse under warm water to remove excess product, and then rub in some shampoo to get the last of the make-up out. Leave to dry before storing. 

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