Selfies could be aging you prematurely

Will she stop taking selfies? Probably not, says Mahreen Baig.

Will she stop taking selfies? Probably not, says Mahreen Baig.

We don't know how convinced we are by this one, but that might just be because we don't want it to be true. 

London lifestyle blogger Mehreen Baig takes up to 50 selfies a day, and she says light from her computer and phone could be damaging her skin. 

Baig wrote on the Daily Mail  that her dermatologist, Dr Simon Zokaie, said High Energy Visible light is up there with pollution and sun light in terms of factors which can damage the skin. 


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That's the blue glow you'll be familiar with from your phone and laptop, and Zokaie says it's doing damage. 

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"The combination of these three factors cause heat and inflammation under the skin, slowing down the skin's ability to heal and protect itself," Baig wrote. 

In her line of work, Baig is in front of a screen for a large portion of her day. Of course, while the rest of us spend far too long staring at our phones too, our livelihoods don't depend on the way we look. 


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Baig relies on her selfies to increase her blog's following, she writes, and so the freckles, dark circles and pigmentation she was seeing were a real concern. 

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While Zokaie told Baig her skin was in the right bracket for her age, he did say HEV light was causing damage which can't yet be seen by the naked eye. 

His prescription was antioxidant serums and creams, which Baig plans to start using. 

However, she's not giving up her passion. 

"So with my new found knowledge, will I stop taking selfies? Probably not," she wrote on the Daily Mail. 

We're going to take some convincing on the science, but we like her attitude. 

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