In my beauty bag: Marnie Oberer

16:00, Jan 16 2013
Marnie Oberer
NATURAL BEAUTY: Marnie Oberer tries to elimate chemicals as much as she can from her day-to-day routine.
Marnie Oberer
SUN SMART: She swears by Invisible Zinc, a suncare range that shuns chemicals. And, like many a Kiwi woman, loves Trilogy's rosehip oil.
Marnie Oberer
TROPICAL TREASURE: Marnie came across a frangipani-packed body butter, Reniu by Pure Fiji, while on holiday. It's so good she now orders it in bulk online.
Marnie Oberer
BUDGET BUT BRILL: She sticks to Maybelline Great Lash, which she finds affordable and just as good as the pricey-options.

Marnie Oberer is a marathon runner, running coach, dietician and Eating Well presenter.

"I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome about four-and-a-half years ago. I went from running 160 kilometres a week to practically nothing. I was sleeping for 14 hours at a time, getting up, feeling dizzy and going back to sleep all over again. I didn't start racing until I was 29, but it was all I did. When I first got chronic fatigue I couldn't run, and when something like that happens your confidence just plummets. I had to learn that I wasn't just that person [who runs], which is why I now do other things in my career as well. I'm managing it well now and am slowly getting back into exercise, but nowhere near what I used to do; a lot of it is listening to your body and not taking on any stress. 

One thing I found with marathon running is that you're always out in the weather, so I've got really good with block outs [sunscreens]. I think it's pretty strange that we put chemicals onto our skin every day when we're trying to save ourselves from skin cancer, so I use natural sunscreens which have a physical barrier rather than a chemical one. I always use Invisible Zinc as it's really nice and natural. They also do a tinted cheek colour and a tinted lip colour that blocks out the sun - I often wear these running. They're a really great price too.

Even though I wear waterproof sun protectants every day, after two hours of exercise (and sweating!) you're going to lose some of it. My cap covers some of my face but not all of it, so I do have some pigmentation and sun damage - it's inevitable. Because of this I have a pretty big daily skincare regime. I'm really hooked on Osmosis products, I use their cleanser and then four of their serums, and then a daily moisturiser with a physical sun barrier of zinc oxide - it's a natural alternative. Oh, and an eye cream. Some of the serums I use are lightening products to help the pigmentation that I have, and others are really high in antioxidants. When you run a lot and your metabolism speeds up you produce more free radicals, so I use a lot of products with antioxidants in them to counteract the damaging free radicals.

Because I shower three times a day after workouts I don't want to be using all my Osmosis up, so I switch to Trilogy midday. I mix their Rose Hip Oil with their daily moisturiser, it's really soothing. 

Same as my idea about sunscreen, I'm slowly trying to transfer all of my products over to natural options, so when I find a really good one I tend to stick with it. I went to Fiji last year and found this incredible body butter called Reniu by Pure Fiji. It's basically just coconut oil with frangipani. I love it so much I bought it in bulk when I found it online!


My basic makeup kit consists of concealer (it's Sephora, I got into it when I was in the States and I love the brand, I own heaps of their stuff), a bronzer, a soft bronzy blush by M.A.C, and a lip gloss. For days I want more coverage I use Jane Iredale foundations - they're mineral-based and natural, and I always carry blotting papers with me as I tend to get oily through my T-zone.

To keep up my tan I swear by Le Tan Fast Tan. It's a spray on and it gives a nice dark and even tan. It's also really cheap! You can get it from the supermarket. The other two supermarket products I use are Maybelline mascara - my stylist says it's just as good as any other; and Herbal Essences conditioner. I use a good shampoo (Giovanni) and my hairdresser rolls her eyes but Herbal Essences really is as good as any."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams.