Who's on team La Mer, and who uses Nivea?

The Duchess of Cambridge, model Jessica Gomes and designer Trelise Cooper are all known skincare fiends.

The Duchess of Cambridge, model Jessica Gomes and designer Trelise Cooper are all known skincare fiends.

Whether or not a $13 Nivea cream is actually as good as La Mer is a bit of a contentious point, but both brands have their fans. 

Consumer NZ said on Wednesday that in a test of nine moisturisers, the top-priced La Mer product's performance was "only average," and that it was outclassed by Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Cream Normal/Combination. 

"The test of nine moisturisers found a $13 cream outperformed the most expensive, luxury-priced La Mer: the Moisturising Gel Cream, which retails for $520," said Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin.

Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Cream goes for $12.99 and La Mer the Moisturising Gel Cream is $480 - not $520, as ...

Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Cream goes for $12.99 and La Mer the Moisturising Gel Cream is $480 - not $520, as Consumer NZ said.

For their part, La Mer have questioned Consumer's methodology and pointed out that their lighter gel formulation was tested, not their classic cream. 

Both brands have their fans. I've gone through our 'In my beauty bag' archives and found some. 

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The Auckland fashion designer has been using La Mer for over 20 years, she said in May last year

"I loveLa Mer, which I use as my day and night moisturiser. I use their cleanser as well. I've tried everything but I'll always go back to that. It's simple and really works," Cooper said. 

"It's amazing for when I'm travelling. I even use it on burns – it's a wonder cream."

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This television presenter mixes it up in terms of her skincare - La Mer is a firm favourite, but so is the ultra-affordable Cetaphil cleanser. 

"I use La Mer eye cream morning and night. I use the Cetaphil moisturiser on my face and a richer La Mer moisturiser on my neck and decolletage area," she says. 


We caught up with this Australian model when she was in Wellington for the opening of David Jones. Her skin is insane, and La Mer is among the products she credits for it. 

"I use La Mer and Sisley skincare and Dermalogica sunscreen. I'm militant about putting it on my face, neck and hands daily," Gomes said. 


Another Auckland designer, Bennetti reps La Mer as one of her hero products. 

"I use La Mer - it's my favourite crème. I love the texture and it is fabulous to use during the winter when my skin is dry," she says. 


This familiar face (host of The Block and various other TV spots) uses La Mer as part of her evening routine

"I use a warm cloth to take off my makeup and if I am finding it tricky, I use the River Veda oil - they have a gorgeous rose attar elixir face oil - to loosen everything up a bit.  And I use La Mer as a night cream," she said. 


The Duchess of Cambridge was once spotted buying this exact Nivea cream at UK pharmacy chain Boots, so it's got her big tick. 

Middleton is also said to be a fan of NZ brand Trilogy's rosehip oil. 


For this beauty vlogger, it's all about Elizabeth Arden on the face, and Nivea on the body

"I moisturise my body daily using Nivea's Q10 Plus. I find this moisturiser so hydrating and it doesn't leave you with that sticky feeling," she says. 


This Waikato fashion designer has a similar approach, sticking to Trilogy products on her face but using Nivea everywhere else

"For the body, I love Nivea's firming lotion. Once a day, after a shower, I slather it all over my body. It's a non-negotiable."


On the Nivea side of the fence is the entrepeneur behind medical tourism company Gorgeous Getaways. 

While she's a big Kiehl's fan for most of her skincare, Reinsfield reaches for Nivea in terms of sun protection. 

Also key (and cheap)? Water.

"Good skin starts with hydration. I try to drink two to three litres of water a day," she said. 


A Kiwi opera singer based in New York, Berry knows what's up when it comes to skincare. 

She goes for Nivea as - you guessed it - a body moisturiser. 

"For my legs I like something a little heavier, so I'll usually use Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion for dry skin."

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