In my beauty bag: Meghan Maher of fashion label Repertoire

Meghan Maher of Repertoire.

Meghan Maher of Repertoire.

Meghan Maher is the managing director and stylist for fashion brand Repertoire. She answered our questions about beauty and wellbeing - here are her words of wisdom.

I am such a hippy when it comes to my skin. I have trialled many products and routines. What seems to work best for me is to keep things as natural and simple as possible. I use Janesce's products; they are perfect for my skin. Janesce is a pure plant extracts skincare brand and I love their philosophy and 'slow beauty' ethos as well as their gorgeous products. My favourite Janesce products are the rose cleanser, the nourishing skin reviver for day and night, the rose mist and the rose soaking drops.

In terms of sunscreen, I have been very naughty in the past but learnt my lesson by getting very badly burnt. I still haven't found a natural sunscreen that I really like, they are often too heavy and greasy. I currently have an American one on order to try. I have my fingers crossed that it is 'the one'.

At work in her clothing store.

At work in her clothing store.

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Facials are my favourite past time and a great chance for me to unwind and relax. I try and have them every second month. I find it is important to book your next one immediately after your last so that you don't lose momentum. It's so easy to put these things aside when life gets busy. I go to a Salon in Tauranga called Lox - they are amazing and well researched in women's health and skin care.

I have learnt not to strip the moisture out my skin but rather to aid and encourage it. I have no doubt that hydration is key. I try and soak my face every night. I add some drops of the Janesce rose soaking drops Into warm water and wrap my face in a Muslin cloth. I never go to bed without removing my makeup using Sukin's cream cleanser. My night time pre-bed routine consists of washing my face with cleanser, soaking my skin, spraying a mist over my entire face and lastly putting on my moisturiser.

Just a few of Maher's beauty must-haves.

Just a few of Maher's beauty must-haves.

I love my natural Bella Vi products for my base layers but to give my look the drama I desire I use MAC products for my eyes. I also believe in investing in good makeup brushes – they make such a difference. My brushes are recommended from Bella Vi and MAC consultants - they know their stuff. I use Erase Paste from Benefit – it's amazing! I use MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation if I need more coverage but I mostly use Bella Vi's Natural Mineral Powder. For eyeshadow, I only use MAC – I have lots of colours but favour the natural shades more. I love creating a smokey look.

My bag is soooo heavy because I always carry the essentials with me. I have my makeup bag with all my favourites above, a Viva La Maria hand cream by Oxygen and my natural deodorant by Real Purity.

When I am at home, I like to give my skin a rest, a chance to really breathe.

I am six months pregnant with my second child so I am being as cautious as possible with the food I eat and beauty products I use to ensure I'm not ingesting anything unnecessarily. I currently am using a sulphate free Joico shampoo and conditioner, called Colour Endure. I always buy my hair products from a hair salon. And I always have my Fudge Dry Shampoo at the ready for crazy days when I simply can't wash my hair.

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For me it's all about the hairdresser and not the salon. I feel a hairdresser is like a doctor. It is really important they understand your hair, your needs and expectations and once I find a great hairdresser I'm going to stick with them. Rebecca from Hair to Stare at does my hair.

I need a colour every six weeks, a cut every 12 weeks (my hair is long) and a treatment every time I have a colour. I am very careful to always use a protective spray or serum when straightening my hair, I am currently using Goldwell's dual senses rich repair,

My GHD irons are my go-to always, as time is of the essence for me! I love the width of my new straighteners. I also have a Babyliss curler which I don't use nearly as often.

To be honest as a business owner and a mum of a very busy two year old, I have to pick and choose what I can fit into my insanely busy life. So in this area I am very much DIY!

Because of the above I generally stick to a nude colour. I think there is nothing more gorgeous than well-moisturised, manicured, natural nails. When I want to make a statement I always go with a bit of drama and choose a trending dark colour. I own so many different colours. It's fun to pair your nails with your mood – nude for everyday and easy and more dramatic for an event and statement. OPI is my brand of choice through and through. I love the colours and it really lasts.

I used to mix it up but to be honest Ange ou Demon by Givenchy is my favourite go-to fragrance at the moment. It is strong, but not over powering. I feel like me when I wear it and I feel naked without it.

I love using Epsom salts in the bath and then lathering myself with Sukin's body moisturiser. I am trying a new natural body moisturiser this week from the Sukin range called Derma Sukin Intensive Hydrating Cream, which is dermatologist-certified, fragrance free, and great for sensitive skin.

I meet and style women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I firmly believe that beauty is all about the balance of the internal and the external you. I believe beauty is on the inside as much as on the outside so diet, water intake, vitamins, exercise, sleep and 'me time' are critical factors. Treat yourself and your body well and you'll reap the benefits. Good self-care is so important, especially with our often busy and demanding lifestyles.

I really rely on the experts to do the research for me. I love reading about new products and reviews both online and in magazine and I will often grab one when I am out and about. It is so hard as a consumer to know what to do and where to start, it can be so overwhelming which is why I think it's great to read beauty reviews and product recommendations from other women. Fashion is one of the only things I truly enjoy shopping for and discovering new for myself!

My business partners Debi Bowker and the designer of the Repertoire label Lee Kleiman are my icons. They both are very special and radiate beauty from within.

I can't live without my Vitamin C especially Lypospheric Vitamin C which I take daily.

I wish there was a magic wand that would put your makeup on in seconds, like one of those apps on smart phones!

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