In my beauty bag: Storm creative director Deborah Caldwell

Deborah Caldwell, creative director at Storm, loves a bit of highlight and some tousled curls.

Deborah Caldwell, creative director at Storm, loves a bit of highlight and some tousled curls.

Deborah Caldwell is creative director at New Zealand fashion brand Storm. 


I am a regular at Forme Spa in Mt Eden, Auckland, where I purchase Barbour and Bioelements products. Every morning I cleanse with a light facial scrub by ASAP and then use Quench My Thirst moisturiser by Bless Skincare. My night routine consists of cleansing with my favourite Barbour oil cleanser, moisturiser then I apply Bioelements moisture X10 and Bioelements eye cream.

Regular facials are a must for Deborah Caldwell.

Regular facials are a must for Deborah Caldwell.

I use Bioelements Ray Defence face sunscreen religiously. Coola is my brand of choice for body sunscreen. I tend to use it when I'm heading outside in the sun and also on my hands when I'm driving. It's organic, smells incredible and not too expensive. I also use the Coola SPF lip protector when I am out in the sun.

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I get vitamin facials once a month at Forme Spa and do light treatments at home once a week. I love light treatments so much so that I purchased my own machine for at home. They help to rebuild collagen and leave my skin feeling rejuvenated after a long week at work.

Those treatments are my secrets for good skin - and vitamin A and C serums.


I have never been big on makeup. I prefer a minimal look - a smokey eye, a touch of foundation and illuminator is my everyday look.

I love MAC paint pots, Dior foundation, Nars eyeliner, Smashbox primer and lipsticks and Benefit Illuminator. Dream team.

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I can't go anywhere without my Kiehl's lip protector!

I just wear a tinted moisturiser and mascara on the weekend.


I don't use much product-wise on my hair but I do love L'Oreal Professional Restore shampoo and conditioner and I rely on dry shampoo. 

Marcus at Dry & Tea in Newmarket is amazing. He has been my stylist for nearly ten years now.

I colour my hair every eight weeks and get regular cuts as my hair grows really fast. Every so often I will do a conditioning treatment – L'Oreal Professional Restore Masque.

My Cloud 9 straighteners for a straight look and a hot wand for a tousled, rock'n'roll look.


I get regular manicures and pedicures at local nail salons along Ponsonby Road. My favourite are Nails on Ponsonby and Candy Nails.

My go-to colour is a deep red and I always choose OPI polishes – Bastille My Heart and Lincoln Park After Dark are my favourites.

That said, nail art isn't my thing. 


For perfume I go between Jo Malone Nectarine Honey Blossom, Prada Ambre, and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

I always choose musky fragrances. Some of the other fragrances I have worn in the past are Dolce & Gabbana, Issey Miyake and Bvlgari.

MOR body lotions are my favourite. They smell delicious! I love scented body moisturisers.

I do love baths. My favourite bath product is a L'Occitane oil body wash my mum got for me.


No matter how tired I am I always remove my makeup at night. I use a vitamin A and C serum daily, as well.

Whenever I'm travelling it's all about hydration. I always travel with my Bioelements moisture X10, a super-hydrating facial serum.

I have to say my knowledge lies in fashion more so than beauty so I rely on the girls at Forme to educate me on new products and my friends also share their experiences of new treatments they have tried and liked.

I'm not a big one for beauty icons but I admire women who wear a natural look such as Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitley.


I couldn't live without Batiste Dry Shampoo, and my favourite quick fix is Benefit Illuminator – it brightens my skin every day. 

My friend overplucked my eyebrows at the age of 13 and they have never recovered. A common mistake a lot of young women make. 

I can't stand over-drawn OTT eyebrows – there's nothing worse. 

If I had a magic wand I'd fix my spider veins. They're a bugbear from years of running around in retail.

I wish someone would invent an at-home light treatment for the whole body. 

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