The latest nail products to hit the shelves

17:00, Jul 24 2013
What's new in nails
The Vinylux system is perfect for those wanting a salon look at home. RRP $19.95 for Top Coat and $19.95 for Weekly Polish.
What's new in nails
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat gives texture and 3D fabric finishes in seven shades: Wool Lite, All Yarned Up, Peach Fuzz, Tight Knit, Fuzz-Sea, Wool Knot & Tweedy $12.99 (on counter from September).
What's new in nails
Sally Hansen Dry + Go Drops live up to their claim of fast tracking the nail drying process, $18.99.
What's new in nails
Mavala minis make maintaining a manicure on-the-go a breeze. RRP $9.95

Is it possible to get dry, strong nails in under nine minutes?

They brought us Shellac nails, and now CND's latest release 'Vinylux' promises faster application time, increased durability with exposure to natural light, no staining, faster drying and removal with regular acetone-based polish remover. Is this nail nirvana? We check it out, along with other recent nail releases.


A quick refresher on CND Shellac (and other similar systems from companies like OPI and Orly): It's an acrylic gel nail polish system painted straight onto the natural nail. It dries instantly when 'cured' and provides extended-wear colour. Part of the somewhat lengthy application process of CND Shellac and the like, is a base coat.

CND's new Vinylux Weekly Polish System does not require a base coat and promises to provide a week of long lasting polish that dries hard within eight-ish minutes. Vinylux has what CND call ProLight Technology, which means your polish gets harder and stronger through exposure to natural UV light.

We found it super easy to apply and sure enough, it dried hard in the promised 8 1/2 minutes. Perfect for women who like the idea of Shellac or Gel nails, but can't get to the nail salon to get them applied and then removed. And, best of all - it comes in 62 colours! Sold.


Sally's Dry + Go Drops promise to dry your polish to the touch within 60 seconds (and completely within two minutes). If you are worried about chemicals from your polish job drying out your cuticles, Dry + Go contains vitamin E and jojoba oil to moisturise. You just apply your top coat, wait a minute, then put 1 or 2 drops on each nail.
Genius! These did exactly what they promised. I painted and 'dried' my nails in between phone calls and typing. 


Mavala is a Swiss brand that offers nail formulas free from 'unnatural' ingredients and featuring microscopic air pockets that allow your natural nails to breathe. Mavala polish comes in a 5ml pots - an affordable way to dabble in colour ranges. Arguably the best thing about the Mavala minis? Glug problems are solved (the brand promises the last drop will be as 'fluid, concentrated and homogeneous' as the first) and great portability due to their teeny weeny size.


Tackled the basics? Now you are ready to try the ultimate nail trend for 2013 - texture.

Taking inspiration from strong textural themes at recent runway fashion shows, Sally Hansen has developed a new 'special effect' formula complete with optical effects - blurred, woven and marbled fibre which is said to resemble hand-spun yarn.

We found Fuzzy Coat easy and forgiving to apply, and would put it in the 'fun'and 'youthful' category.
[image caption] Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat:  texture and 3D fabric finishes in seven shades:  Wool Lite, All Yarned Up, Peach Fuzz, Tight Knit, Fuzz-Sea, Wool Knot & Tweedy $12.99 (on counter from September).