Why these models are posting photos of their cellulite

Charli Howard, Ashley Graham and Nicole Mejia are among the models speaking out about their cellulite.

Charli Howard, Ashley Graham and Nicole Mejia are among the models speaking out about their cellulite.

We're all smart people. We realise that just about every woman alive has cellulite. 

Sometimes, though, it's nice to be reminded how normal it is, and to that end, some notable models have been sharing images of theirs. 

Ashley Graham went first, in January this year, with a shot of the side of her thigh at the beach.

"I workout. I do my best to eat well. I love the skin I'm in," she wrote. "And I'm not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps or cellulite... and you shouldn't be either."

While we're mostly jealous of Graham's situation in the pic - check out the cocktails in the back - she's also making a good point. Cellulite happens. Live with it. 

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More recently, English model Charli Howard posted a photo of her thighs and bum, shot in black and white. 

"They say do something each day that scares you, so re-posting this is mine for the day. Despite the fact I speed walk everywhere, squat, run and occasionally do @pure_barre, I'm still left with cellulite," she wrote in its caption. 


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"Whenever I opened magazines, the models and celebrities I saw didn't have cellulite either - and if they did, they were shamed in the tabloids because of it, or knocked off their perch by nasty journalists who probably have it themselves."

"It wasn't until I got older and saw other women's bodies that I realised HOW BLOODY NATURAL IT IS," Howard continued. 

"But I know it doesn't make me any less ugly, or is something I need to feel embarrassed about."

Well said. 

Then, just a few days ago, fitness blogger and model Nicole Mejia posted a short video to Instagram of herself in a bikini. 


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"Time for me to get real with you guys. My body fat percentage is currently the highest that it's been since I started Fit and Thick," she wrote. "Funny thing is, so is my happiness and self-acceptance."

She says that lately she's found herself focussing on how her body looks, rather than how she feels or specific fitness goals. 

"I lost touch with the fulfillment that I once experienced through my relationship with fitness," Mejia wrote.

"I am flawed. I am loved. But I am so much more."

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