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KIM KARDASHIAN: Here's little North West taking in the view in Malibu. Beaut garden and a gorgeous day, but I'm reminded of the time I got my knee stuck in a similar hand rail at about the same age. Take care, tiny friend.

REESE WITHERSPOON: Every photo on Witherspoon's Instagram looks like it's from a very fancy homewares catalogue. She's so colour-coordinated and tidy.

SOFIA VERGARA: Well damn, happy birthday mate. That's probably the biggest bunch of balloons I've ever seen.

SELMA BLAIR: I just checked the Metservice and as I write, it feels like eight degrees Celsius. The whole idea of going to the beach makes me want to cry. When will summer return to us? We deserve it.

VICTORIA BECKHAM: Another week, another incredibly sweet photo from the Beckham family. Very nice French plaits on Harper, there.

BELLA HADID: Any time I see this particular Hadid near a car, I'm reminded of the amazing email her mum left her about how messy hers was when she was 16. Worth googling. Teenagers are capable of terrible things.

LUPITA NYGON'O: IRL princess Nyong'o is having the time of her life at the Magic Kingdom, and I'm just happy for her. What a cutie.

HILLARY DUFF: This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First of all, Nick Jonas commented on it with the looking-eyes emoji, which as we all know, is a sure sign of thirst. He's having a crack and I wish him all the best. Secondly, what on earth is Duff doing? Is she underneath a table? Where is her body? I'm so confused.

NAOMIE HARRIS: Dave Chappelle told Harris she has "nerd swag" when they met after his show, and while I'd say she's pretty straightforwardly cool, Harris seemed stoked. Their other mate has gorgeous hair. I've got nothing more to add.

KARLIE KLOSS: Speaking of hair, I'm quite enjoying Kloss as a platinum blonde. Especially with that red lip. Thoughts?

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In this week's roundup of celebrity Instagrams, Selma Blair hits the beach, Victoria Beckham has a snuggle, and Karlie Kloss enjoys some sunshine. 

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Karlie Kloss looks adorable in red.

Karlie Kloss looks adorable in red.

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