More on Lorde's makeup collection

01:02, May 22 2014
BESPOKE LIPPIE: Lorde showing off her M.A.C. lip shade Pure Heroine. We love it, but it's certainly not for the faint of heart.

Confession: we're obsessed with Lorde's vampy lip colour, and in a few weeks we'll finally be able to get her signature shade from Mac Cosmetics.

We already found out the up-and-coming musician wore a mix of Heroine and Cyber to the Grammy Awards, but now she'll have her own custom hue as a part of a miniature makeup launch called Pure Heroine.

"The finish [of the lipstick] was important to me," she told WWD. "I wanted people to be able to use it as a lipstick or press it on as a stain." She debuted the new lip shade on stage at Coachella this year.

HER BLEND: Lorde wore a blend of Heroine, left, and Cyber, right, to the Grammy Awards.

Lorde has been working with Mac Cometics NZ senior artist Amber Dreadon on her tour looks this year, so this partnership really isn't too big of a surprise.

"I'm a really big fan of Mac Cosmetics and have been since before I could really afford it," she said. "When they approached me, I jumped at the chance. It's rare that you find a brand that feels so perfect." 

In addition to a lipstick, the artist's signature winged eyeliner also made the lineup.

The collection starts rolling out on June 5, but you can see all the pieces now and keep your fingers crossed for more in the future. 

"I kept it short because I wanted to make the two products more important to me, that would be a good addition to anyone's makeup bag. But I'd like to do more lipsticks."