Surgery to look like Miranda Kerr

01:48, May 31 2014
CLOSE ENOUGH: Miranda Kerr, left, was the inspiration for Hong Yuh Reum's surgical makeover.

A Miranda Kerr fan has admitted the model was her inspiration for going under the knife.

The first time Hong Yuh Reum saw Kerr in a magazine she knew she wanted to look like her.

While on a Japanese TV show about plastic surgery, the Kerr wannabe said: "It really struck me when I first saw her in a magazine. She has a baby face but she's very sexy. I knew I wanted to be like her!"

The TV show, Alien Virus, focuses mainly on the dangers of plastic surgery but Yuh Reum believes that it is her plastic surgery that has made her so successful. The international model from South Korea has had plastic surgery on her eyes and nose to look more like Kerr, the Daily Mail reported.

She said: "I didn't do my forehead. I only did my eyes and nose. Besides that, I haven't touched anything. I didn't put anything in my cheeks and it's all fat."

Before the surgery, Yuh Reum said people would tell her mum she looked like an "adorable non-Korean child".


"In fact, people often asked if I had surgery even before I got it," she said.

Despite her wishes to look like the supermodel, Yuh Reum's friends and family tried to talk her out of the procedures. But Yuh Reum had made up her mind.

She said: "I wanted to look like Miranda Kerr so I decided and went ahead with surgery."

In addition to surgery, the international model also wears blue contact lenses and dyes her hair a honey brown colour.

Yuh Reum also copies Kerr's style and chooses makeup based on her shade.

Interestingly, Kerr visited Seoul last June and has appeared in a sketch for SNL Korea.

According to KoreAm journal, it's Kerr's "perfect combination of cute and sexy" that makes many East Asian young women want to look like her.

While changing your face to resemble a celebrity might seem a bit extreme, it's not uncommon.

Earlier this year a 30-year-old woman spent $25,000 on six surgeries to look more like Jennifer Lawrence.

The Texan woman, named Kitty, told ABC news, "I can appreciate that her personality is spunky and fun."

"I can appreciate that her body is banging."

Post surgery, Kitty said results were worth the expense.

Here is a rather unusual YouTube news video on the whole affair, complete with a typically strange South Korean news animation ... 

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