In my beauty bag: Kati Kasza

CLEAN AND CLEAR: Evolu founder Kati Kasza reveals her secret to good skin is to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day.
CLEAN AND CLEAR: Evolu founder Kati Kasza reveals her secret to good skin is to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day.

Evolu skincare founder Kati Kasza shares her beauty regimen and make-up must-haves.


Every morning I cleanse and exfoliate with the Evolu Regulating Gel Cleanser and I use the Renewing Facial Exfoliator three times per week. I spritz with the Facial Toner, then apply either Organic Rosehip Oil for Facial Serum, followed by the Anti-Aging Day Cream. And last but not least, it's the Protective Day Cream SPF15. I know this sounds over the top, but Evolu products are fine in texture and soak in quickly, so layering is totally appropriate. By having the skin well cleansed, exfoliated and toned, it's well prepared for hydration.

Night-time has me using the Relaxing Crème Cleanser- I love how it takes off all make-up including eye make-up, plus the calendula and geranium are very soothing and relaxing. If I'm not too tired, I'll do a 
double cleanse to really soften my skin. I follow up with the Facial Toner - this balances the skin's acid mantle preparing it for moisturising. Then it's onto my favourite product - our Facial Serum which transports me to magical places with the heavenly scents of rose, neroli and vanilla - plus I love the feel of my skin and how it is still soft the next morning. My husband loves the fragrance too!

When it comes to sunscreen, I'm religious with this except early mornings when I enjoy soaking up Vitamin D when I'm out walking Micky, our schnoodle. I apply Protective Day Cream SPF over my day cream. It's so unlike any other moisturiser with sunscreen - it soaks in quickly so isn't in the way for make-up coverage if required. It not only protects the skin from the sun, but is loaded with anti-oxidants that fight free radicals caused by excessive sun. The fragrance is fresh and delicious too. My daughter (age 17) and husband also wear it daily.

I love facials but sadly it's me that gives them more regularly than having them. However, I make sure I do a ritual Evolu home facial every weekend, so I'm sort of having one weekly. I've been travelling frequently to Queenstown in the last few months, so have been making the most of Eforea Spa at the Hilton Resort and Spa where they give the most incredible Evolu body and facial treatments.

My secrets to good skin are to cleanse, tone and moisturise EVERY day, morning and night. Wear a sunscreen or cover up - I always carry a scarf in my handbag so I get caught outdoors and am concerned about my skin being sun-damaged. I can slip it around my neck or cover the delicate décolletage area this way.

I drink plenty of water and herbal tea and avoid caffeine and alcohol, as both are dehydrating. Healthy living is a key - a balanced lifestyle in other words.


I'm not a big make-up wearer, as I find that by taking care of my skin, there is little need. I've always worn mascara and lipstick though - funny, I've just realised that's what my mother did! I love red lipstick - I wear 
Topshop RioRio and I keep this plus mascara in my handbag. I have also just started getting my brows threaded and coloured once a month.


I have very short hair, which means regular cutting is a must. The great thing about this is that my hair is easy to keep in great condition. I use Evolu Shampoo and Conditioner with amaranth - Paula Ryan, who runs Aro-Ha Retreat in Queenstown reckons this is a natural shampoo that leaves her hair squeaky. I've noticed other people commenting about how at last there's a natural shampoo that can do this. Amaranth has been clinically proven to strengthen hair and recently my hairdresser commented on the strength of my hair, so it must work!

I go to my local salon, SBF Hair Artists in Grey Lynn, to my favourite hairdresser, Shane Johns. He's been my hairdresser since I was in my twenties so he must be good.

I shampoo and condition twice a week and rinse it daily in the shower. I use Kuene Molding Paste to keeps my hair in shape. Also every time I apply Evolu Nourishing Hand Cream, I run my hands through my hair. It 
conditions it and is great for wispy, flyaway hair. I don't use any hot tools, not even a hairdryer. I just towel dry my hair and use Kuene Molding Paste.


When I have time, I get both manicures and pedicures. I am a bit high maintenance, but I deserve it! Otherwise, I'll do it myself.

I love interesting colours - I tend to go for darker neutral colours as they go well with my skintone. I love autumn tones and am currently enjoying Orly Faint of Heart. I also like Orly Liquid Vinyl, which is almost black and fun for something more dramatic. I'm not into nail art; it's too fussy for me.

Fragrance & body

I don't have a signature scent at the moment - I'm finding that I'm enjoying my natural Evolu products fragrance. When people come to Evolu Head Office they often comment on how beautiful it smells!

Dior Diorissimo was my favourite in my twenties - I love fresh fragrances.

I'm a shower person rather than a bath person, so love lathering up with our Refreshing Body Wash. It has manuka honey, juniper berries and sweet orange so the bathroom always smells lovely too.


I think I treat myself every day - someone asked me the other day if I used any other products apart from Evolu. The answer is of course, no.

My beauty philosophy is that balance is key - keep it simple and then you'll follow a regular routine that will become part of your daily ritual. A bit like doing a seven-minute yoga practice - keep it achievable and you'll follow it.

When travelling I take the Evolu Travel Tower, 50ml Travel Facial Toner and Facial Serum in my handbag. You have eight mini products, so you'll never be left short. Simply clean out the pots and refill. I take three towers with me - one in my handbag, one in my cabin bag and one in my suitcase - and I then have enough products for a three-week trip if necessary. The key is to remember to refill the pots of course!

I love discovering new beauty products everywhere and all the time - I'm constantly on the look out for beautiful botanical products that can inspire me. I'm always checking out blogs to get other people's viewpoints and opinions on what they like and dislike.

Grace Barcelos Owen is my beauty icon - she is the face of Evolu and such a natural beauty and couldn't better epitomise what Evolu is about.

I can't live without my Evolu Facial Serum - you could literally drink this and I've been known to call it my desert island product.

My best beauty quick fix is spritzing my face with the Evolu Facial Toner, which is a balancing, hydrating mist. Also good are a power nap or going to bed early. Sleep is so restorative - the term "beauty sleep" speaks for itself.

A beauty mistake from my past was using products that were heavy in texture and full of nasty ingredients! Still, if I hadn't done that, I would never have started making my own natural products in my kitchen all those years ago.

The beauty bugbear I like to fix is people using soap to wash their face - it's so harsh and drying and causes so many problems with people's skin.

The beauty product I think needs be invented? Shhhh - I'm working on it!

- As told to Melissa Williams-King