What has Katy done to herself?!

22:56, Jun 19 2014
Bleached eyebrows
GAGA: Kooky trends are Lady Gaga's bread and butter.
Bleached eyebrows
MILEY: The Cyrus bleached her brows the colour of butter in November last year.
Bleached eyebrows
KENDALL: Part of the Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner has appeared in a number of fashion campaigns and on runways sans brow. Here she rocks bleach chic for Givenchy.
Bleached eyebrows
ROONEY MARA: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and no eyebrows).
Bleached eyebrows
QUEEN ELIZABETH I: This ain't no fresh trend - here's Cate Blanchett as Queen Liz Numero Uno, who sported zero brows back in the 1500s.
Bleached eyebrows
OH DEAR: Katy Perry channels the less is more aesthetic in her brows, everywhere else she's being very maximalist.

Katy Perry is the latest star to do an anti-Cara Delevingne and bleach her gorgeous dark brows into oblivion.

The odd beauty trend, which channels everything from The Girl With Dragon Tattoo to the creepy aliens in Prometheus, is not exactly a new thing: picture Queen Elizabeth I, whose light brows were always powdered into oblivion for official portraits. Then, just a few decades ago, we had top model Kristen McMenamy, whose fame was basically borne from eyebrows that appeared shorn.

"BAUS BISH BB," was Perry's chosen caption for the Instagram snap in which she revealed her hidden brows. Hmm ... no idea what that means.

A lack of forehead sweat catchers was not the only unusual thing about the photo of Katy, however. The star also sported multi-hued green plaited Spice Girls-style buns; long stripy nails, the most horrendous earrings we've seen in a while and, probably the most jarring element, two tendrils of hair pasted to her forehead. The whole thing is like 1920s kiss curls meets Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

So, would you take the plunge and exterminate your brows? Or are you Team Cara all the way?