Life in plastic, it's fantastic

03:18, Jul 04 2014
Human Barbie
LIVING DOLLS: The original 'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanov alongside her former friend, 21-year-old Alina Kovalevskaya.

The human Barbie has a rival.

Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanov, known for her 18-inch waist and eyes that are almost as big as her breasts, has competition in the Barbie lookalike department from a fellow Odessian.

Lukayanov's former friend 21-year-old Alina Kovalevskaya, has a legion of followers on Russian social network VK, and is frequently asked for her autograph and even her hand in marriage.

The two are trailblazers in the growing Odessian Barbie-lookalike scene.

With her metre-long hair, doll-eye contact lenses, and elfin features, Kovalevskaya is less a controversial figure(ine) than her plastic fantastic nemesis Lukayanov, who said interracial procreation has made the human race uglier in an interview with GQ magazine this year.

In contrast to Lukayanov, who does not want children, psychology student Kovalevskaya wants two and would consider adoption.