World Cup fan gets major modelling deal

05:09, Jul 10 2014
SHE'S WORTH IT: Those brows, that hair, that smile... no wonder L'Oreal snapped her up so quickly!

We all know sports photographers have a penchant for aiming their lenses at attractive female fans, but for one World Cup goer five seconds of fame has resulted in a serious modelling coup.

Seventeen-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere was just a face in the crowd, watching the Belgium football team prepare to take on Russia in a Group H World Cup game two weeks ago in Brazil.

Then she had her photograph taken.

MODEL IN THE MAKING: 17-year-old Belgian fan Axelle Despiegelaere caught the eye of a global cosmetics giant when she was photographed cheering at the World Cup.

Said photo made the rounds on social media and voila, a model was born.

Clearly the gorgeous young Belgian was aware of just how far the shot could propel her, and proceeded to set up a Facebook page following her World Cup appearance.

The page, which has amassed over 215,000 likes since June 26, caught the attention of global cosmetics giant L'Oreal.


Proving she is well and truly worth it, Axelle has already filmed a promotional video for the brand showcasing their new haircare products with her glorious blonde mane.

The Belgian football team wasn't so lucky. After beating the US, they were eliminated by Argentina in the quarterfinals.

Keep an eye out for Axelle Despiegelaere, we're bound to be seeing this girl's face a whole lot more.