Yes, the 'hairy legs club' is a thing

23:00, Jul 14 2014
Hairy legs
HAIR AHOY: Just casually lounging around showing off my pins...

Body hair appears to be the flavour of the month, what with the American university professor offering female students extra credit if they didn't shave their armpits for a month and documented the process, and now a Tumblr dedicated to hairy legs attracting thousands of members online.

The Tumblr, (warning: contains some NSFW photos) was created by 'Sarah' who wrote the blog's mission statement as thus: 'This blog is dedicated to females with very hairy legs. Let our legs be the champions!' 

And then came the pics from those in possession of a hirsute pair of stems - from the moderately fuzzy to the flowing Fabians. 

Some caption their very hairy legs entries with empowering quotes, others prefer to keep it simple with tags such as 'Ginger hairy legs'. We're quite taken with the blogger who showered her leg hair with sequins and glitter. 

Hairy legs
GLITTERY GAMS: Because even the hair on your legs needs accessorising.

The blog is also a fashion blog, highlighting the style of its community and featuring snippets on inspirational women, artists and couture. Some of the pics on the blog celebrating all kinds of hairy parts of the body are very not safe for work. 

One blogger, 'Swankified' told the Daily Mail, "When I first stopped shaving my legs it took a while for me to feel confident about it. Seeing pictures of other women doing the same helped me get used to it."

"I'm so glad I don't feel ashamed of my natural body hair anymore!' 


The message behind the blog, that women don't need to be a slave to the razor is a positive one. As is the nice community feel of the Tumblr, where people ask questions and the blogger answers them in a respectful and kind way.

Imagine if a blog about hairy legs could free women from restrictive and rigid beauty standards AND make the Internet a kinder place?

Now that would really be a win.

- Daily Life