Kim Kardashian posts makeup free selfie

02:01, Aug 01 2014
Kim Kardashian
AU NATURALE: Kim Kardashian is barely recognisable without the heavy layer of expertly-applied warpaint we're used to.

Love her or hate her, when it comes to selfies Kim Kardashian takes the cake.

Not a day goes by when Mrs West fails to turn the camera on her expertly made up face for a pout or five... unless the lens happens to be focussed on her uh, more famous asset of course.

Seriously, the woman took over 1,200 of herself on a recent trip to Thailand as part of a "selfie book" for her hubby who was unable to join the family for the vacation, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But this time, the reality star posted a very different kind of selfie in support of her younger sister Kendall's latest modelling coup.

Behold, the rarest Kardashian selfie of them all... the makeup free shot.

Yes, rarer than the bikini selfie, the butt selfie (or belfie if you prefer) and far, far rarer than the standard duck face (although she is still giving her sis a run for the money in the pout stakes here), Kim exposed her bare-faced self to her 16 million Instagram followers.


And with over 439,000 likes and dozens of positive comments, it appears Kim's fans are loving her natural look.

"LOVE @kendalljenner on the cover of LOVE," Kim wrote as a caption, showing off Kendall's latest magazine spread.

Although it is slightly odd for one sibling to be flaunting the picture of another sibling half-naked, it seems Kim is attempting to give her younger sis a moment to shine.

Let's hope Kendall savoured the feeling because Kim has already followed the fresh-faced pose with three shots of her bikini-clad self and wee daughter North cavorting on the beach in Mexico.

Ahhh, normality has resumed.