The newest human Ken doll

03:44, Aug 06 2014
The newest human Ken doll
THE ORIGINAL HUMAN KEN DOLL: Justin Jedlica is the pioneer in transforming into a small plastic doll that is without personality or genitals and then making heaps of money out of it.
The newest human Ken doll
WELL AT LEAST SOMEONE'S A FAN OF JUSTIN BIEBER: Toby Sheldon has had over $100k in surgery to look like pop brat Bieber.
The newest human Ken doll
HUMAN BARBIE: Valeria Lukyanova, 28, is a Moldovian-Ukranian model who has been dubbed 'the real-life Barbie'.
The newest human Ken doll
BEFORE: Celso Santebanes in his early modelling days.
The newest human Ken doll
THE HUMAN DOLL: Celso Santebanes is only 20, and has already completely transformed his face to look like Ken doll.

You've probably heard of Justin Jedlica before, the 35-year-old man dubbed the 'Human Ken Doll' who has had over 100 surgeries to look like a tiny plastic man (and now consults on the 'modifiable male aesthetic').

Well the American half-man, half-doll now has some competition (or a new client?), with a 20-year-old Brazilian stepping up as the latest toy enthusiast. Behold Celso Santebanes, who has spent over NZ$60,000 (aka the deposit on a really tidy house) to emulate his hero, Ken doll.

The model has had four operations so far - a rookie compared to Jedlica then - with surgeries on his nose, chin and jaw. He's also had silicone implants put in his chest, as well as various other 'aesthetic interventions' according to The Mirror. 

Santebanes was into Ken doll from a young age, with his childhood bedroom boasting a shelf of the strong-jawed toy. At the tender age of 16 he was compared to Ken by friends - and thus his pilgrimage to plastic began. 

"I'm not fake, I'm Ken," he writes on his Facebook (well, Celso, your logic here is flawed). 

He continues on to explain why he's going to such pains to look like a doll: "I'm obsessed with beauty, I always wanted to be recognised, appearing in the media." (Solid goals). 


"I think I'm 90 per cent of what I want to be. I intend to do more surgeries, but do not know what. For now my investment is being in the gym, for Ken is strong and I am skinny."

While Santebanes' desire to literally become plastic is obviously a bit of a worry, he is bankrolling his odd obsession as so many of these people do - Brazilian media claim he charges around $15,000 for an appearance at a club, wedding or party; he is currently negotiating an ad campaign for a 'huge' fashion house and is now bringing out his own Celso doll, which will launch in Sao Paolo soon. 

Now, all he needs to do is marry 'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova in a ceremony ordained by Toby Sheldon, the dude who has had over $100k of surgery to look like Justin Bieber. Human Ken Doll the First, Justin Jedlica - being the senior plastic guru, can walk her down the aisle, the second human Barbie Alina Kovalevskaya can be a bridesmaid and Kris Jenner can be front row while simultaneously orchestrating endorsement deals for them all. 

Here's a video of Santebanes showing off his bright green contacts ... 

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