In my beauty bag: Jenene Crossan

23:30, Sep 03 2014
HER BEAUTY TIPS: Jenene Crossan is a very busy woman, but luckily her day job involves facials, blow-dries and manis.

As the founder of NZ Girl, Jenene Crossan has always had her finger on the pulse of what women want.

The 2014 finalist for the Westpac Woman of Influence awards has recently started Flossie Concierge, an app that books instant beauty appointments for you.

Test-driving salon treatments is part of the job, which is just fine for this beauty-junkie CEO. Here's a peak into her regime...


I'm a pretty basic skincare routine kind of girl - I cleanse and moisturise each morning and night. And an exfoliant every second day, plus eye cream at night for a bit of a boost.

Osmosis skincare is brilliant, so light and great coverage. I make sure my daily moisturiser has a sunscreen in it and I'm vigilant about applying to my neck, chest and face. 


Facials are an occupational hazard - I get to try loads of wonderful new treatments. I enjoyed a spectacular one today from the stunning new salon Ashley Scott Facialist at City Works Depot.

My secret to good skin is balance, which I try to achieve. Water, exercise, sunscreen, clean food, taking makeup off and plenty of sleep. To be honest, I think there's a fair amount of luck involved too - good genes help!


I love watching how our youngest daughter just loves getting into my makeup, and I don't remember ever having the same obsession. But I do now! I've made up for it in later years - I LOVE makeup now. I love experimenting and, I like to think, I've got better at knowing what suits me over the years.

I had my first Sephora experience recently and it was like being in makeup heaven. I love to play with new eye shadows. Currently I'm trying to work out how to achieve good eyeliner wings, and failing mostly - but determined to master it!

When it comes to beauty products in my handbag you'll find tinted moisturiser, bronzer, blush, eyeliner pencil, eyebrow shadow, eyeshadow palette and, of course, mascara. I don't go anywhere without that one!


Well one of the upsides of being the Chief Flossie is that I get to have my hair blow-waved two or three times a week. That's my secret weapon for taming my massive curls!

I get colour, cut and foils regularly, a treatment every few weeks to deal with all the blow drying and then I use loads of serum and oils.

I use Cloud Nine irons so that I can just tame those little flyways as they come up post blow-wave. I also have the Cloud Nine O rollers, which, for an at-home, blow-wave type look, is ideal for curly hair. So easy to use.


I love my manicures! Gel polishes for me - helps with the ridiculous state of nails most of the time, and they always look super gorgeous and freshly done. I am a die hard fan of the gold glitter colour gloss. I am most definitely part magpie.

I'm not so much into nail art. It's cute, but I just can't sit still for that long. I can justify getting my hair done regularly as I have my laptop going, but that long without being able to do something is too hard for this CEO!


I was a Tresor girl forever, but recently have expanded my horizons. I picked up some cute everyday scents from Victoria's Secret on a recent trip to the USA, and they're beautiful and fresh. I've also always loved Chanel No. 5.

I use cocoa butter for moisturiser. As for baths, we have a spa pool at home which is part of our unwind routine, so the bath doesn't get so much love these days!


I get pretty spoilt, so hard to justify a treat on top of that - but a facial and massage for sure help me relax and come down a peg or two. Buying some new colours from MAC or Bobbi Brown is also a little luxury I enjoy from time to time.

My beauty philosophy is to keep it simple, fresh and natural. Add interest to either eyes or lips and go for looking like you're not wearing make up! Oh and SMILE! The pretty girls are the ones that look happy!

I try to not wear make up when travelling and remember to take wipes and intensive moisturiser with me and drink loads of water. I don't, of course, always get this right post the first few champagnes in the excitement of travelling!

I do love shopping for beauty products, but I try to keep it to special occasions so that it's something I can do and really enjoy. LOVED Sephora - wow what a treat and exceptional service. I keep a pretty limited collection, the basics, and top that up as I need. 

The one product I couldn't live without would be mascara, for sure.

My best beauty quick fix is tinted moisturiser to just even out the skin tone.

A beauty mistake from my past was the very, very short pixie haircut that was just NOT me!

I'm not a fan of overtly made up looks - particularly the ones you see rocked by beauty Youtubers right now (or Kim Kardashian). It's too 'hard' looking and covers up so much natural beauty. But each to their own, far be it for me to judge!

If I could wave a magic wand, I'd fix the problem of having to redo my hair every day. Sometimes it would be nice to just wake up with it all done, but then where would the fun in that be?

As for new beauty inventions, I LOVE what's happening in the 3D printed makeup space. It's pretty cool - those inventions are going to change how we think about products.