Cruz says confidence key to beauty

HAPPY IN HER SKIN: Penelope Crus says people need to like themselves to be beautiful.
HAPPY IN HER SKIN: Penelope Crus says people need to like themselves to be beautiful.

Penelope Cruz says the key to radiating beauty is "confidence" and "not taking yourself too seriously".

The Hollywood actress is admired for her exotic looks and womanly curves, but insists that beauty is more than skin deep.

Cruz thinks women need to feel comfortable with themselves in order to be attractive.

"I am sure it's confidence," she told Red magazine. "It has nothing to do with a big ego. It's about not taking yourself too seriously, being able to laugh at yourself. I think that's a very important quality in a man or a woman.

"It's confidence, not arrogance. Being comfortable with yourself."

Some Hollywood stars are famed for going under the knife - something which Cruz hasn't done yet. However, the 38-year-old star is keeping her options open.

"I don't know what I will do in 10, 20, 30 years' time. And I respect anyone who does something that's going to make them feel better - completely. But, as an actress, you have to be very careful because your job is to tell stories with your face. You have to be able to move your face and look like your character. What if you do a period piece, for example?" she mused.

Cruz takes care of her body, eats healthily and doesn't smoke.

However, the brunette beauty is a self-confessed sun worshipper - although she takes extra precautions to protect her skin.

"I know it's not really the best thing for the skin, but I love the beach and the sea and lying down in the sun: the smell of it, the feeling, the way the vitamin D makes me so happy. I'm Spanish, I'm used to it!" she laughed.

"But I always wear very high protection all over my face and body.''

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