In my beauty bag: Nicole Whippy

NOTHING TRIVIAL: Actress Nicole Whippy.
NOTHING TRIVIAL: Actress Nicole Whippy.

Nicole Whippy plays Michelle in TV One's Nothing Trivial. The actress is also training for the Auckland Marathon next month.


Pot of Gold Balm: It's an all organic 'use for absolutely everything' natural balm. I use it for anything from lip balm to a moisturiser, a healing salve for my three-year-old daughter Pearl if she gets any bites, scratches or rashes and even as a hayfever deterrent-just swipe a little bit around the inside of the nose. Amazeballs!
COMME des GARCONS Embossed Clutch Wallet: I was given this by a very stylish friend for a birthday pressie five years ago. I had been using it as a make up bag until my head of wardrobe at Nothing Trivial saw it in my bag covered in mascara and she nearly died on the spot. She told me to clean it up and put it to its rightful use.
AM Sunglasses:These are my favourite sunnies in the world. They were my boyfriend's- who has a knack of picking sunglasses that always look better on me! They've fallen apart twice but I've found an amazing Sunglass Repair shop in Auckland called S.O.S - Save our Sunglasses. Love them!
iPhone 4S with Red Cassette Cover: - I've gone through three iPhones this year. I left one in the bank and it got nicked before I could say deposit and the other one I left on the roof of my car and it fell off when I was hooning down the motorway. Now I have Siri but she also answers to Shaza on my phone.
Radiance 'Kids Immune" Vitamin A, C and E with Olive Leaf and Echinacea: This is the closest my daughter gets to having a lolly. I swear by them for her in winter and have been known to raid the pack a few times myself."

Trilogy all the way. When I'm working on set I'm literally doused in make up or 'war paint' as we like to call it.
Trilogy Creme Cleanser is the only natural balm I like. Not only because of its clean, green ingredients but because it can actually clean the gunk off my face and leave my hands smelling good too.
Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner: I also love this after being stuck in an air-conditioned studio all day.

 "Lip balm. Have you seen the size of my lips? The biggest feature on my face deserves the most attention. I have a collection of lip balms from the already mentioned Pot of Gold Balm to my Burts Bees Lip Balm, my very naughty Carmex Cherry Balm and of course my Trilogy Rosehip Oil Lip Balm.

"When I go out these days which is very rare, I like to get my make up and hair done. My wonderful friend and hairdresser Marcus McClafferty has just started work at a new blowwave and teahouse in Newmarket called Dry and Tea. I am thinking of moving in here for good.

Nicole Whippy's makeup bag.
Nicole Whippy's makeup bag.