Top beauty looks from New York

23:11, Sep 17 2012
NY Beauty
There's more to catwalk looks than just the clothes, as this model at Peter Som shows.
Ny Beauty 2
Bold, defined brows and polished skin were the order of the day at Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham's shows.
NY beauty 3
Mermaid hair is set to be a key look this season.
NY beauty 4
The ombre look is big in hair and clothes - eye shadow is next.

New York Fashion Week isn't all about the clothes. When it comes to predicting the next big thing in hair and makeup, the Big Apple continually sets the pace. Here's our roundup of the prettiest, most-wearable trends of the season -and how to pull them off.


As seen at: Thakoon.

Why you'll love it: Think less BMX Bandit, more mermaid and you get the pretty picture. Plus, the sleekness of the wave means it thrives on texture, making it the perfect style for gritty, day-old hair.

Get the look with: Although stylists used triple-barreled tongs to create the bends backstage, you can swindle the same look using a straightening iron. Simply divide the top section into a middle part before securing the hair into two firm plaits. Then, to set the wave, all you need to do is glide the straightening iron along each plait, clamping small sections at a time for roughly five seconds. To finish the style, gently rake your fingers through the mid-lengths to shake out the curl before sealing the deal with a mist of hairspray.

Style it with: A nude lip and a super fine flick of liner for simplicity. If you're new to curls, try pulling the hair back into a low ponytail or messy bun at the nape of the neck, keeping the roots straight and shiny for contrast.



As seen at: Tibi, Peter Som and Derek Lam.

Why you'll love it: It's the ombre hair-craze reworked for the skin. Unlike a flat eye shadow, the water-stained-looking finish means it can look edgy and modern or butter-wouldn't-melt-in-your-mouth-sweet, depending on what you wear it with.

Get the look: You can take baby steps by dusting a soft pastel shade, like lilac or blue, on the inner corner of the eye for a controlled pop of colour.  Or you can make like the models at Tibi and Peter Som, by finger painting a macaroon-shade of eye shadow across the entire lid for impact.

Style it with: Nude lips and a hint of pink blush bang on the apples of the cheeks. For an even softer finish, ditch the heavy black liner - it'll only close in the eye area, and use a flesh-toned pencil along the inner rim of the bottom lash line.


As seen at: Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham.

Why you'll love it: The minimalist's guide to makeup, it's all about focusing on the skin and brows, while the lips and lids take a back seat.

Get the look: Start by evening out the skin using a matte foundation before concealing any blemishes or redness with a liquid concealer. Once you've got the base under control, you can tackle the high points of the face, such as the cheekbone, temples and brow bone with a matte bronzer for instant definition.

Style it with: To finish the look, blend a hint of concealer with a clear lip balm -the concealer will knock out the unwanted pink undertones in the skin, before topping things off with a sheer, lolly-pink lacquer on the nails.