Eva shares her beauty secrets

05:37, Oct 03 2012
Eva Longoria
FLAWLESS: It takes a lot of moisturising to look this good.

Despite a punishing schedule and hours of longhaul travel, Eva Longoria looks as flawless in person as she does on screen. During a brief stopover in New Zealand to promote the Shopping Channel her shampoo ad hair was soft and bouncy.

Wearing a nude bodycon dress and metallic silver nail wraps applied by Kiwi nail artist Leah Light, her soft and bouncy shampoo-ad hair swinging, Longoriahad just enough time to share some beauty secrets during a press conference to promote the launch of the New Zealand Shopping Channel.

She's a big fan of lasers, peels and extractions and gets a facial once a fortnight. She's obsessive about moisturising and practically bathes in the stuff; carries nuts in her handbag to snack on throughout the day, and swears by L'Oreal volume lashes mascara, the brand of which she is an ambassador.

She has a hearty maniacal laugh, and seemed eager despite her perfect appearance to come off as friendly, intelligent and real. She spoke passionately of her views on women's rights, minority cultures, of the importance of family and friends, and of her new perfume - which she'll be selling live on the Shopping Channel Thursday night.