In my beauty bag: Adam Lambert

NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE: Adam Lambert, during a brief visit to New Zealand earlier this week.
NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE: Adam Lambert, during a brief visit to New Zealand earlier this week.

Music sensation Adam Lambert, who is almost as well-known for his distinctive looks as his voice, reveals his grooming secrets.

"Should we call it grooming or beauty? I think that differentiation between grooming and beauty is so passé, it's all the same. I love to wear makeup, I love the way it looks so I wear it.

"A couple of years ago the vibe I was going for was a bit more heavily made up, it was a bit more of a stage statement. I was experimenting with my look and finding my style; I had a couple of different makeup artists that were working with me and I kept pushing them to go farther and farther and more extreme. Right now I want to look more natural - a little bit less extreme. I still love the way makeup looks and the way it makes me feel, but looking a little more organic is quite interesting to me right now.

WELL-GROOMED: Adam Lambert at New York Fashion Week last month.
WELL-GROOMED: Adam Lambert at New York Fashion Week last month.

When I was in high school I wanted to look crazy so bad. I definitely wasn't flamboyant, I didn't want to give people a target - I wanted to just blend in. As I got to the end of high school I was always looking for an excuse to dress crazy. If there was a school dance and there was a theme I had an excuse to wear something extreme. I needed to be able to justify it, and then I saw Dave Navarro from Red Hot Chilli Peppers was wearing nail polish and eye makeup. I was like 'see, he's cool, I'm gonna do that too'.

I wear makeup for work but when I'm at home I try not to wear it too much to give my face a break. I get facials regularly, like every two weeks. Microdermabrasion is great. Men's skin is different because we have hair - I shave every other day, so you have to help it, you have to exfoliate. I use facial products with glycolic acid in them - it breaks down the glue that helps the skin stick together.

I've learnt a lot over the years - I've not always had the best skin, I still have skin issues, trouble with acne, and dryness versus oiliness. I've learnt a lot going to my aesthetician and finding what works for me. Lifestyle has so much to do with it and that's the thing I never realised. Like when you're taking care of yourself from the inside your skin looks better obviously.

My skin looks way better than it did a couple of years ago, but it's not always easy. You have to be hydrated; it's the number one thing. You've got to keep your skin clean, sleep is important. Your diet is important. I started doing these juice detoxes, and I found after doing that my skin was just like glowing. And I thought like 'well, hello' it's all connected.

The moisturiser that I use is unbelievable, it's by Epicuren, and it's the Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream. The consistency's great, it doesn't get greasy but it keeps your skin moist, it's really good one. It also helps combat surface bacteria.


The two tried and true products that I love are Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation, and YSL Touche Éclat - the best concealer ever. It's really great for all the stuff I have to do on camera, it helps diffuse and soften. On my eyes I just use a little eyeliner and a little mascara and then I'm done. I always smudge everything with my finger - sometimes I use a little smudgy brush but it's all just about blending it all in. M.A.C Smoulder is the eyeliner I use.

My publicist in the UK gave me Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream. I didn't know anything about it before, but I love it. The original one's fragrance is a bit like old lady, but the new one is fragrance free and it feels really good. I use it for my lips and it I have a little dry area on my face I'll use it there too.

Moroccan oil is the best s*** ever for your hair. I've been bleaching part of my hair so it's really dry - it's the one thing that will put the moisture back into my hair.

I use a makeup artist for certain events, but lately I've just been doing it myself. I don't need that much as I'm going for a more natural look at the moment."

Adam's Trespassing Remix EP is due out on October 26.